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The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?

July 14, 2008 10:46 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight we were given a glimpse of where our favorite bachelors and bachelorettes are today! We learned whether they found true love or are still searching for that special someone.

Our newest bachelorette, Deanna was first up with her relationship with Jesse! They went back to where they met and how their relationship grew. Deanna went on to tell us that she knew she wanted him in her life.

Jesse affirmed that they are soul mates and how they are so sure of each other. Deanna feels that she cannot live without him for the rest of her life and they are both ready to ride off into the sunset together.

We next get a chance to catch up with British bachelor Matt and his fiancà Shane. They are still engaged currently and very happy. Matt noticed the connection right away and explained that there was intensity in their relationship and that she made him laugh.

Shane and Matt both confessed that they could be themselves with each other. Matt revealed that he felt like he was sixteen when he was with her.

They showed us the scene of her writing “I love you” on the sand at the beach and how Matt knew then that she was his life partner. We were again treated to the proposal of Monkey (as he calls her) and Matt.

The next bachelor shown was Aaron Buerge who was looking to find his true love. They update that he now has a few restaurants called “Trolleys” and that many women have proposed to him and one couple has even asked him to be a sperm donor for their family. Unfortunately, the relationship with Helen and him did not work out.

Bob from season four explains that his entire career path has changed since the show and he has met his wife from a spoof show of the Bachelor. Daytime Soap Star Rebecca Budig has become his wife and he couldn’t be happier!

Andrew had charm, good looks and money and proposed to Jenn. But the tabloid chatter and the fact that they had two different lives ended their relationship. Two years after the show he met Ivana and just recently got married. He thinks that he is a better version of his old self because of her.

Trish and Jesse were shown and how hated she was on the show. They recounted how she crashed a date with Jesse and that she still has that gold-digger t-shirt. Jesse is now engaged to a delicious fiancà and they travel all over the world together. She also has three step-children and couldn’t be happier.

Erica the tiara wearing socialite made an appearance. She has started a line of tiaras and her store is “Tiarica.”

Then they went on to repeat the tears on the show and where the girls are today. Devon is soon to be engaged, Moana is engaged and Brooke is now married and hosting a local TV show. She also runs marathons.

Heather’s two appearances on the show were displayed and how she lost out both times. When she gave up on dating, she met Mister Right and ended up getting married to someone she had gone to high school with. She also has a reporting job today.

Christi was viewed as the rollercoaster girl. They explained that she was like a fatal attraction on the show. After five years she is very successful in a career and she finally knows who she is, doing things for herself…without a MAN! The love of her life is her dog.

They also retold Kristen’s most embarrassing date in history when she put orange peels in her mouth for teeth. She is very happy today and has a great comical man in her life, who apparently likes to put orange peels in his mouth too!

We were able to see the love affair of Trista and Ryan and learned that more than 20 milllion people watched as they were married. They showed their beautiful baby boy and how Trista’s biggest joy in life was to be a mom. They are both so pleased having a child together and cannot even describe the bond they have with him.

Trista and Ryan then gave Deanna and Jesse advice on relationships. Deanna wanted to know the secrets to their relationship and how it works as they have planned a May 9, 2009 wedding!

Jesse and Deanna joked about the fantasy dates and how they woke up the next day wondering if they could wake up next to the person and knew that they were in love at those times.

The couple separated and Deanna asked Trista some questions about their relationship and how they did the craziness of it all. Deanna told them to move away from the craziness and enjoy the fun events that they can go to and get back to normal life as soon as they can. It will help them focus on each other.

Jesse asked Ryan about the transition and how tough it was. Ryan told him that if he wants to make it work it is up to him and that he needs to be aware that he is in the public eye.
Jesse asked about their little guy and expressed that he and Deanna want to have three or four children together. Ryan told them to enjoy each other for awhile.

In the end Jesse and Deanna want to show everyone that the show does work and people can fall in love and stay together. They hope to be in the same place as Trista and Ryan in five years. I guess we will see when they do another five year “Where Are They Now” show!

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