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The Mole: Playing Dangerously

July 14, 2008 08:36 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on The Mole, The players are forced to go to great heights, facing their most terrifying mission yet, in order to earn a much-desired exemption from execution.

Jon Kelley congratulates the players on making the final six and Nicole for being the last female player standing. He then welcomes them to a vineyard in Mendoza for their first mission called, “Grapes of Cache.”

The group splits up into three runners and three thinkers. Mark is chosen as the best athlete and Paul as the best communicator, but Nicole isn’t thrilled by his mouth going one more time.

The players have to find seven bottles of wine that are hidden amongst the vineyard. For each bottle that they find and bring back to Jon, they will add 10,000 dollars to the pot with a potential of 70,000 dollars to be earned.

The thinkers (Nicole and Craig) are to answer seven multiple choice brain teasers and then give their answer to the communicator (Paul) who has a corresponding coordinate that must be communicated to the runners (Clay and Alex) by cell phone. The runners must use the coordinates and a GPS device to find the bottles of wine. If the answers are wrong, then the coordinates will be wrong and the runners will not be able to find the bottles of wine. The timekeeper (Mark) must run on the treadmill and if he stops the mission is over. As each bottle is found, the treadmill increases in speed. The communicator is not allowed to help the thinkers with the puzzles, but the timekeeper can if he is not too exhausted.

As the game begins, Mark thinks that he is in control of the game and he may fail the whole group if he stops. As the first question is answered, Paul isn’t thrilled to communicate with Clay as he has had problems with him in previous days. He gives the two the coordinates and off they go to find the first bottle.

Nicole and Craig seem to be over thinking the answers and Paul gets perturbed. In the vineyard, Clay and Alex find the first wine bottle and the speed is moved up on the treadmill for Mark.

As the group moves to brainteaser number five, Mark continues to answer most of the questions. His speed continues to be raised with the second bottle found. Alex and Clay find the third bottle as question number seven is asked. This question seems to cause some problems for the thinkers and Nicole answers that seven is C.

Paul has the runners skip over bottles number four, five and six to confirm the answer for question number seven. When the bottle isn’t found, Nicole and Paul begin to argue and the nastiness takes over as Mark continues to run on the treadmill, appearing to tire of the behaviour.

Paul moves the group to question number seven again and Mark angrily answers it. He has been running for over twenty minutes and the pressure is on for the runners to bring back the bottles.

As they find bottle number four, Alex jokes with Clay about breaking the bottles open and drinking from them which Clay thinks is Molish.

Paul ends up blaming his mistakeof the coordinates on the thinkers, which doesn’t make Nicole happy.

The runners have to run from one end of the vineyard to another looking for the bottles. They are getting tired and wonder how Mark is doing.

Mark is maxed out on the treadmill and continues to run until all bottles are found and brought back to the group. After fifty-three minutes, Clay and Alex run in and the players earn the full 70,000 dollars to the pot with the total now being 247,000 dollars. Everyone thinks that Mark more than pulled his weight on this mission!

After a wine and cheese party with Jon, the players get together and comment on individuals on the team. Paul cannot standNicole’s fake laugh and feels bad for her patients, thinking that she may not even be a doctor and if she is and doesn’t like you, then she would leave you to die. Mark however, doesn’t see her as the Mole.

Clay thinks that Mark may still be the Mole and is relying on his gut feelings about that. Alex jokes with Nicole that she is the Mole and she says that she is Molerrific. Craig thinks she may be the Mole too.

Clay and Mark come up with a plan to get Alex drunk at the next quiz as he hasn’t had an exemption to date and is still not executed. They wonder if Alex is the Mole or if a bottle of wine a day makes him perform better.

The next day the players travel to their next mission which allowed them to experience the leaps and bounds of the Argentina culture. Paul wonderedwhat theywere doing and as they cameto a gorge with a board across it, Craig turns white. The next mission is called, Swing Out.” It is worth 60,000 dollars.

The players stand on a bridge that crosses the Mendoza River. It stands 90 feet above the water below. One by one the players will be harnessed up in a bungee rig and walk out on a little platform off of the bridge. In their hands they would hold a bag of local tea, jump off the bridge and throw the bag onto a bull’s eye on the ground. If they hit it dead center they would add 10,000 dollars to the pot. The outer rings had 8,000, 6,000 and 4,000 numbered on them for potential earnings.

Nicole decided immediately that she wasn’t jumping off of anything and then asked Mark if he wanted to go first. The players put themselves in order, with Nicole last.

Mark went up first, but before he could jump, Jon asked him if he was interested in an exemption. Each player would be allowed to guess the amount the group would earn in the mission. The player that was the closest, without going over would earn the exemption.

Mark made his guess of 10,000 dollars and then went for it. He was unable to hit the target and didn’t earn any money for the pot.

Paul went next and Jon teased him about how beautiful the surroundings were making him more nervous. Again the target was missed.

Clay kept his eyes closed the whole time he jumped and missed the target as well. No money was in the pot and Clay joked that the target was moved.

Craig, who suffers from vertigo, was struggling about jumping. He made his jump and his scream frightened the whole group. He missed the target too. Everyone cheered for him anyway and noticed how close to the ground he actually landed.

Alex walked out on the plank and when Jon was talking to him about the exemption, he could only hear mumbling due to his fear. He jumped off and hit the 4,000 dollar mark on the target.

Nicole bounced up to the plank and when questioned about her lively walk, she commented that when facing probable death it is always good to keep your spirits light so that you head in the right direction. She made her guess and jumped with perfect form, once again making all the guys think that she is the Mole.

Jon went through the players guesses and everyone was over the amount actually earned, so no onereceived the exemption, but thanks to Alex, they earned 4,000 dollars to the pot with a grand total of 251,000 dollars.

At dinner before the quiz, Jon asked the group if the amount of money earnedhad sunk in and if they still had their consciences. The group was unanimous that at this point in the game the lies were out. Clay and Mark followed through with their plan to get Alex to drink a lot before he did the quiz.

At the execution, Jon started with Alex’s screen first and asks him if he is ready. Alex assures him that he is and…He is executed. The other players are shocked as Alex walks away. Alex thought that he played the game really dangerously and just didn’t get the quiz right so he was outta there!

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