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America’s Got Talent Goes Back to Atlanta and Dallas

July 15, 2008 07:42 PM by DA Southern

As America’s Got Talent begins its audition-spiral down to the end for this season, we get to see a few of the final atrocities and a few inspiration performances as we get ever so closer to revealing the top contestants for this season of America’s Got Talent.

Jerry Springer quickly took us at a look back at the past four weeks at some of the great and not-so-great moments of the current season as he talked about the one million dollar pay-off for the winner. Jerry then spun us to the Atlanta auditions once again as we got our first look at Michelle Wallace as she prepared to audition for the tough judges. She started out looking like she might know what she was doing, but she was so bad that The Hoff buzzed her immediately. Even after being buzzed off and the music stopped she continued to sing and though she was determined, poor Michelle’s dream quickly came to an end.

A former Vegas contestant from last season, Bruce Block, was back at it again this year as he tried to get back to Vegas and win it all. Sharon recognized him as told the judges that he was to be performing with a new assistant and doing so on a bed of nails. Well, at least his new helper was cute but his act was not-so-hot. Piers immediately gave him the buzzer but The Hoff and Sharon let him muddle through. Even though the assistant danced on him, The Hoff decided to stand on the guy on the bed of nails and it was enough for Bruce to get a trip back to Sin City.


Another celebrity impersonator, Dorae Saund, who was supposed to be Tina Turner, lip-synced and danced across the stage to “Proud Mary” and had the fourth judge, the audience, were on their feet by the time she completed her song. The Hoff was speechless, Sharon loved her and Piers was not so hot on her. Piers said “No”, Sharon said “Yes” and The Hoff finally relented and put her through to Vegas.

A lot of acts that we did not see a lot of, nor did we even know their names for the most part, were seen being put through as we saw a final act in the segment that were a bunch of inflated cartoon-like characters that did Hip-Hop dancing. Hey, I don’t make this stuff up; I just observe and tell you about it here. Even Piers seemed to enjoy the crazy characters and they were headed to Vegas because of their creative talent, but it will be interesting to see if they can sustain an act out of it once the novelty wears off.

Dallas was the next stop as AGT was once again looking for talent in the Lone Star State. The first Dallas audition was a dance troupe of women called the Dallas Desperados Dancers. The Hoff said that he voted “Yes” before even seeing them perform because he was so entranced by their beauty. The sexy troupe shook every part of their bodies and easily got the votes from the judges and from the audience and will be stealing hearts in Vegas.

jerry springer

Eighteen year-old, Kenneth “Xclusive,” performed a weird sort of Poppin’ routine and even though he started out slow, the judges gave him a chance and sent him to Vegas to Pop some more as we were then treated to some really bad acts, which we knew had to be headed our way sooner-or-later. Barry Collier started the debacle with barnyard noises and just when we had seen it all, we were mercifully put out of our misery and Piers said the act wasn’t even worth a dollar. We were then treated to bad singers, a group calling themselves, “The Freak Show,” and finally a guy who said that he was pretty, quickly come and quickly go off of the AGT stage.


In the final audition of the night, and one that NBC had been promoting to keep us glued to our seats, a car salesman, Donald Braswell, who had his vocal cords severed in a terrible car accident, stepped up to the AGT microphone to sing. For some reason the audience seemed not to like Donald but as he hit the final chorus, he had completely turned the audience around and the judges were inspired by Donald and sent him to Vegas for our final audition of the night as the judges headed off into the sunset on their private jet winging their way into the sunset.

Next week looks to be another set of mix-matched auditions as we edge ever-so-closer to the Vegas finalist and AGT’s next winner.

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