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BB10 Spoiler: He Called Her A What?!

July 15, 2008 05:16 PM by Britteny Elrick

There’s nothing I can say here that will be even slightly vague or unspoiled so would you just read the rest of the story already and find out whocrossed the linein the Big Brother house today?

No. No, it wasn’t Brian. Sike! Dan, Steven, and Brian are sitting out on the patio and Steven calls Libraa “colored girl” and says she is full of herself with power. Oh no he didn’t. Oh yes he did.

The second most important news of the day: Keesha’s rash and constipation issues.

She states that she had some sort of surgerybecause of her “issues” and that she needs fiber like something serious. A rash breaks out on her arm and she wants to see a doctor. The water works begin.

The shomance continues as the female car salesman and the preacher’s boy continue to get cozy. They have a lovers’ spat when April tells Ollie: “I like you.” Ollie responds: “I like you too, but..” April says: “there’s always a but… are you one of those ‘but guys’?”

The houseguests get really bored and engage in all sorts ofgrown upactivities such as: puppet shows…

the telephone game…

and Charades.

During Charades, Jerry tells Angie that it would be easy for her to play a psycho… and she cries. He apologizes later.

Ollie, Angie, and Steve also decide to do a “slop infomercial” where Ollie would cover his head in slop and then put on one of Renny’s wigs [pretending that it made his hair grow].

Jerry andBrian discuss who’s fault it was that the whole alliance came crumblingdown. Meanwhile, Memphis is outside telling dirty jokes.

The only confirmed alliance is still Libra, Keesha, April, Michelle, and Ollie. They are trying to get Angie to vote with them by telling her “she’s still cool with the group.” However, they question her friendship with Brian. She tells them she just wants time with him before he goes home… Later on she discusses with Steve and Brian how they can keep Brian in the house.

Oh. And Dan misses his girlfriend. Boo Hoo.

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