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Big Brother 10: Jerry Breaks His Alliance and Puts Brian up for Eviction!

July 15, 2008 09:02 PM by Britteny Elrick

Sunday’spremier ofBig Brother wrapped up withHOHJerrynominating Renny and Jesse for eviction. Jerry, who made his decision mostly to please Brian, stated it was based on the conflicts the nomineeshad between each other.Brian admits that he was exploiting Jerry’s trust and using him to do his dirty work… butthat doesn’t last very long once Jerry catches wind.

Olli tells Renny that it is far from over and she shouldn’t give up yet. Renny doesn’t understand why the “incident” was such a big deal. Jesse blames Renny for the fact that he was nominated because if she wouldn’t have opened her”loud ass new orleansmouth” then he wouldn’t have gotten mad. They are in the kitchen and Rennysays she doesn’t understand why Jesse is still so upset.She says, “What did we do?” Jesse responds,”You know, you’ve been talking to him.” “What are you talking about?” she says.Jesse shrugs his shoulders and says, “I’m not going to give you the benefit of the doubt to try getting at me.” In the diary room Renny says, “Jesse is a punk boy.A punk is ayoung person who knows nothing of life- he hasn’t even gotten his whistle wet yet.”

Jesse talks to Jerry in the HOH room andJerry reassures him that it wasn’t personal, but that he had to get rid of theanamocity in the house. He warns him that it can’t fester or he’ll be on the block again next week. Michelle comes in,and Jerry starts telling them a Bible story aboutKing Solomon and cutting a baby in half. When Jesse walks back downstairs, Renny shouts out, “He told Jerry B.S.” They don’t talk. Renny calls him baby.Jesse comes in to the kitchen and plays dumb. He asks her to talk and she looks at him and says, “What?”He tells her to go ahead and say what she has to say. He tells that he addressed the issue already and toldher to think about it and walks away. She says thathe isno match for her. Jesse ignores her and starts walking away.

Dan, Brian, and Ollie are still in a secret alliance. Brian thinks he controls everyone and starts to get pretty cocky. They toast to their control of the house.

Jerry, Angie, and Renny are in the kitchen and Renny says she wants wine.Jerry tells everyone to come up to his room and have a wine party. Renny is still pissed and she calls Jesse out in front of everyone. Sheapologizes for waking him up. He says it’s too late andit took a day and a half for her to say sorry. She says she can’t stand a liar and that she had already apologized. [show flashback of her apologizing] She calls him a “fork tongue.”

Brian, Ollie, and Michelle are talking on the patio… Brian asks what the next smart moveis. He says Renny will self destructand so they shouldtry to take the opportunity to get Jesse out.Brian then makes his way around the house to tell April, Steven, and Memphis thatJerry does whatever he tells him to and they need to vote the way he tells them too. He promises to keep them another week.Angie and Steven agree to the deal, however, Memphis doesn’t seem to jump on board.

Brianreiterates toDan andOlliethat he has Jerry wrapped around his finger.He says no one is standing against them and they have no real threat in the house. He says, “I can do whatever thef*ck I want, and no one will have the guts to try and take me down.”

April and Ollie are talking on the bed. She says that even in her own homeshe gets dressed in her closet because she is so self conscious and shy.In the diary room, April says they have a connection and Ollie says she is “real cool.”

The Veto Competition
Sixpeople can participate: the nominees, the HOH and three random people from a drawing. Rennydraws Michelle, Jerry draws Memphis, andJesse draws April. Jerry choosesAngie as the host.The houseguests go outside, clad in PJ’s, to find a GIANT bed of colored pillows.

Each contender has five jars set up. They must dive under a bridge of honey, go to the bed, find a pillow in their color, rip it apart [which releases feathers everywhere], obtain a teddy bear, dive back under the honey bridge, and put the bear in the jar.Memphis starts out strong with the first bearand on his way back he tears up some sod. ThenMichelle istakes the lead with two. Jesse finally gets one.Meanwhile, Renny is still struggling to get through the honey and make it to the bed. April has two bears. They are completely covered in feathers and several pounds of honey. Rennyfinallygets her first one whileJesse gets his second. Memphis takes the lead with 3.In the end, Jesse and Memphis are struggling to finish, but Jesse wins!

Later on the patio, Dan andBrian start talking about cutting Memphis for fear that he could turn on them. Brian tells Jerry that he should put Memphis up because he is too strong in the competitions. Jerry agrees to the plan. Brian says that when Jerry puts up Memphis he should reassure him that Renny will be going home. Inside the house, Ollie is in a bedroom withKeesha, Libra, and April. He tells themthey aren’t going up on the block. Brian comes in and tells the girlsMemphis is going home and promisesthat next week Renny will go. When Brian and Ollie leave, Keesha, Libra, and April are alarmed at how Brian is controlling everyone’s mind. They wonder if Ollie, Dan, andBrian are in a secret alliance. Libra says they don’t need to do their dirty work for them. In the sauna room, Angie, Michelle, and Keesha talk about how Brian is a threat to girls. Angie says he’s good at convincing others, and Keesha says he’s just using them andwill slowlypick them off. Angie agrees.

Libra thinks Brian, Ollie, and Dan are in an alliance and confronts April saying Ollie is working for him. April is confused.April is pissed and says she thoughtOllie liked her so she brings him in with her and Libra. They ask him if he’s with Danand Brian.He said he doesn’t know what they’re talkingabout, but he’s not against them. April feels stupid and gullible. Ollie says he would never betray April. Libra says Brian can kiss her ass.Ollie is hurt that April doesn’t believe him. He admits that on day one it was Dan, Brian, and Ollie, buthe says he is a man of his word. Libra says he’s setting things up for Brian. April feels suckered in by him. Libra saysBrian isplaying everyone. Ollie says, “then flip it on him.”Ollie wants to expose himand the fact he is building alliances with everyone in the house.

Memphis and Ollie talk. Ollie explains that Jerry is going to put him up because Brian will tell him to. He also tellsJesse. They discuss how everyone hatesBrian. Keesha,Ollie, and Libra talk about spilling the beans to Jerry about Brian. They go throughout the house and rally everyone to go upstairs.

April joins Jerry, Brian, and Dan in the backyard and asks if she can use Jerry’s bathroom in a ploy to get him upstairs. When Jerry arrives, they all go in his room. Ollie tells him that he has to put Brian up and they know it will be tough but he’s being a snake and playing everyone.They inform Jerry that he is just a pawn to do his dirty work. Jerry says it appears the rest of the houseguests have already formed an alliance and he doesn’t know if he can trust any of them.

In the diary room, Jesse alludes to a very shocking vetoceremony. Jerry says he isn’t wearing military gear because he has to go back on word. Meanwhile, Brian still thinksMemphis is going up.

The Veto Ceremony
Jesse gives “the speech” and Renny the opportunity to say why he should use the POV on her. She says Jesse made a target for himself, but she doesn’t expect him to use it on her.Jesse takes himself off the block, forcing Jerry to nominate someone else.Angie starts crying. Jerry says it’s very difficult, and thathe’s had to alienate some people. He admits to his alliance and says he found out Brian was involved with other people. He sayseight people came to his room and informed him what was happening. He said he’d honor their wishes of who should go on the block and nominates Brian!Brian is completely stunned. Dan is shocked. However, the rest of the houseguests shared a different sentiment…

In the diary room, Ollie says that he gave his word to Brian, but he had to break it.“I beat ‘em. Don’t let the preachers son fool you.” Libra says, “He was a mystery, now he’s history. This week worked out perfectly for me.” Brian said, “the player got played” and congratulated whomever orchestrated that move. “But”, he said, “It’s not over, and I have some tricks upmy sleeve.”

Be sure to watch Thursday night to see who gets evicted and whois the newHOH!

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