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I Survived a Japanese Game Show: Milk, Noodles and Eggs

July 15, 2008 08:37 PM by Lisa Stauber

I Survived a Japanese Game Show
contestant Darcy was finally, permanently eliminated last week, and Meaghan gets immunity on the next elimination round should the Green Monkeys lose. Donnell tried to weasel on his deal, again, and Meaghan can’t wait to get him kicked off.

Mama-San arrives with their lesson on Japanese culture. She’s going to teach them the language today. She’s planning to make them learn a useful phrase: “How much is it?” She makes a point to teach Cathy how to say she’s sorry for being late.

Andrew has faith that his team, with two guys and two girls, will win. Donnell agrees. “We’re horrendous right now,” he says. The contestants dress up in diapers and bonnets, for a round of Big Baby Go Boom.

Big Baby Go Boom
Team members will spin in a crib, then carry glasses of milk through an obstacle course and fill a giant bottle. The Yellow Penguins st choose a team member to sit out, in order to even out the teams. Bilenda takes one for the team and goes to the corner to cry. I think she got the better end of the deal!

The Yellow Penguins are up, and Cathy falls over and spills all of her milk. She still has to make it to giant bottle before any other teammates can have their turn. Andrew tumbles, but manages to save some milk for the bottle. Justin is the most graceful, managing to fall on his face instead of his behind. Andrew takes a second turn, because he doesn’t want Cathy to go up again.

The Green Monkeys take their turn. Donnell goes first, and spills it all. Meaghan spills, and tries to go back for a refill. Judge Bob blocks her and makes her finish the course, and she manages to fill the bottle a little. Mary gets through without falling or spilling. She’s the best so far. Donnell takes another turn but he’s too dizzy to be much use.

Reward and Punishment
The Yellow Penguins win. They get to visit Japan’s most famous soba noodle house. The losing Green Monkeys are sent to shuck clams.

Mary did the best in the round, but Meaghan has immunity. Mary agreed to it, but Donnell wants her to back out and put Meaghan up anyway. He tries to convince her that she deserves to stay in the game, and tells the girls to pick which one he is going to send home.

The Penguins get a private lesson on making noodles, and Justin is impressed. “It’s like the Willy Wonka factory of noodles,” he says. The girls still prefer spaghetti, though.

Meanwhile, the Monkeys are set to work with the clams. They’re still alive and the girls are grossed out. The smell really gets to Mary and she can barely keep from throwing up.

It’s time to change into the elimination game clothes, and Donnell’s putting Mary under pressure to put Meaghan up. Is he scared to compete against Mary?

Mary stays true to her word, and changes into a chicken costume for the elimination round.

Big Chicken Butt Scramble
Each player must cover themselves in oil, roll in feathers, and then pop giant egg shaped balloons by sitting on them. Mary’s up first, and she goes town. She comes off her round with 10 eggs popped.

Meaghan’s feeling a little guilty in the green room. Mary really shouldn’t be out there, but a deal’s a deal!

Donnell gets ready to compete. “It’s tough to be up against Donnell,” Mary says. “He’s got a big booty.” We’ll see if he can use it to pop more eggs!

He has trouble with his first egg, but then seems to get the hang of it. He tries to leap on them and starts slipping and sliding all over. He gets 11 in, and the game is over. Mary’s going home, and Meaghan is left with her nemesis, Donnell.

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Photos courtesy ABC/Craig Sjodin.

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