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BB10: Brian Evicted, Jessie Wins HOH

July 16, 2008 07:29 PM by Ryan Haidet

Day 9 arrived for the 13 contestants in the Big Brother house, and tonight they had to choose which houseguest to evict first — Renny or Brian.

Having made too many deals too early, the house turned against Brian, who was nominated for eviction after Jessie used the veto to save himself. Brian and his main ally Dan were trying to figure out exactly how the turn happened, so they were calling people into question. Jerry revealed to Brian that a group wanted him gone, so he felt he needed to nominate him to keep everybody happy.

Then a big revelation came — Brian and Dan realized Ollie, the third man in their alliance, had betrayed them since he was so adamant about Brian’s nomination. Outside they both asked why he would be one of the driving forces behind the decision. Ollie, covering his tracks, said he was backed into a corner after some discovered he had made an alliance with them.

Then, as we first reported here, Ollie and April’s budding showmance hit the airwaves for the first time as the two were kissing in bed marveling over how beautiful their lips were. In a confessional, Ollie said he didn’t want to be the guy to fall for the girl and get burned by it in the future. It’s still early, Ollie. There’s plenty of time this summer to see if that will happen — and since he put it that way — it will likely turn into one of those eat-your-own words clips in a future episode.

Brian strategizes to stay

Back outside, Brian starting working his magic trying to think of ways to convince people to keep him in the house. Talking to Steven he said, “It will be like pulling an elephant out of a top hat to still be here next week.”

Brian then came up with his plan — he’d make everybody realize how much fun they would be missing out if he was evicted. To prove it, he started up a sock puppet show with Angie, Memphis, Dan and Steven. They each used puppets that resembled the other houseguests and mocked events that had happened in the house. Everybody was having a blast with this and it appeared to be working. In fact, Steven said right after the puppet show that he wanted to keep Brian around because a lot of fun would be gone if he was kicked out. Holy cow! Would Brian be saved by some socks?

Houseguests hold a puppet show.

Back in the house, Angie started campaigning and mentioned to Keesha about keeping Brian. But Keesha’s alliance partners Libra and Angie had overheard this discussion and were very upset about it. Moments later, a group of houseguests were outside playing pool talking about how Keesha was turning. This started a huge screaming match between Keesha and April who obviously aren’t seeing eye to eye much anymore.

First live eviction

It was nearly unanimous, by a vote of 9-1, the house, had evicted Brian. Dan was the only person who voted against Renny. Brian said his goodbyes and left the house to thunderous applause from the live studio audience, which is something to expect every live eviction this season. After he was eliminated, Brian told host Julie Chen that his demise came because he was playing too hard too soon trying to build an army without realizing there was another side. Did he really think sock puppets were going to save him?

HOH competition

In the backyard the 12 houseguests gathered to compete in the HOH competition. Everybody but Jerry, the outgoing HOH, was eligible to win the coveted key. They were to answer a series of questions the way they felt the majority would answer. If they did just that, they got to stay in the competition. If they ever answered in the minority, they would be eliminated. After Chen asked nearly 10 questions, four players were left (Libra, Ollie, Jessie and Steven) and entered a tie-breaker. Asking how many pillows were on the bed in the Veto competition, Jessie was the closest and won the responsibilities as the next HOH.

Who will Jessie nominate for eviction? Will he go against Renny who he has been openly against since early on or nominate Dan to get rid of Brian’s buddy? Find out Sunday night to see what Jessie decides at 8PM on Big Brother 10.

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First photo courtesy of CBS.com.

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