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BB10 Spoiler: Battle of the Blondes

July 16, 2008 05:34 PM by Britteny Elrick

Mirror, Mirror, on theBig Brotherwall… who’s the fattest liar of them all?

The Keesha, April, Ollie, Libraalliance lasted about as long as any alliance could in the BB house: 24-48 hours. In the midst of it all, a catfight breaks out thateven they didn’t seecoming! It all started when Keesha went to the HOH room to use and enema [poor Keesha's constipation is the source of so many problems,] April notices her go up there and thinks sheis strategizing behind her back. Then, Angie and Keesha go into the DR together and April gets even more suspicious and tells Libra. When Angie comes out of the DR she whispers to Steven, “I have Keesha.”

Keesha discovers April is whispering behind her back and tells Ollie to inform April she’s upset. Ollie stays out of it. Keesha calls April a “Barbie b*tch” and says she is the most conceited little b*tch she’s seen in a long time and every time she turns around she’s talking shi*t about her. April is inside crying. Then Keesha is sitting outside in a chair and April walks out and leaps toward her, but someone holds her back. April threatens her.

Then April goes inside to cry and wallow over the fact that she made a fool of herself on TV and she will probably be kicked out of the house. Ollie tries to calm her down and explain why Keesha is upset. April says Keesha shouldn’t be so “shady.”

Libra and Keesha are alone now and rehashing what happened. Libra tells her she needs to talk things over, Keesha says she can’t or she’ll kill April. Keesha tells Libra that April will turn on her in a second and that she wanted to take Brian with her to the end. Libra is sick to her stomach after hearing that. Libra starts to question April, Keesha also spills the beans about what Angie asked her to do for Brian. Libra brings up Steven and how he is “a shady ass.”

Meanwhile, Michelle, Jerry, and Jesse are talking about how they are not too happy with Angie. Jerry says they better all stick to the plan. They want to get rid of Dan, Renny, and Steven, but Steven is the biggest flip-flopper so he needs to go first. Michelle reminds Jerry that everything is Brian’s fault and he needs to make sure to vote him out in the event of a tie. Jesse mentions how Brian is “one hardcore dude” because he tried to get Memphis nominated and now is trying to steal his vote.

Angie talks to Steven outside and tells him to win HOH and put up April. Angie and Brian try to go to the DR together, but are told they can’t due to “technical difficulties.” They went back and said that BB just wanted them to all be around for the fight – then they got reprimanded for saying that. Then comes Jerry to save the day! He convinces Keesha and April to hug it out. They do. April cries. Again.

Ollie apologizes to April for questioning her after the fight. He also reminds Michelle that they really want her on their side. April says she never thought she’d say this, but she is scared if Keesha gets HOH. She reiterates that she is faithful to Libra and Ollie.

Everyone in the house agrees that Steven needs to go!

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