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Celebrity Circus: Antonio “The Fighter” Wins!

July 16, 2008 08:37 PM by Britteny Elrick

And then there were three…Stacey, the natural;Weeman, theshowman; and Antonio, the fighter.At the end of the last week’s Celebrity Circus, Antonio was in the lead with Stacey and Weeman tied for second place, but thedecision was left in America’s hands…

The show starts out with the judges commending all thefinalists on what they’ve achieved. First, there is a performance of”Hit Em Up Style” bythe controversial contestantR& B singer, Blu Cantrell. Then there is an outstandingtrapeze performance from judge, Amelia Catz. Next up was the second star to say goodbye to the circus, Janet Evans, four time Olympic gold medalist. She performs with Vladmir on the flying cradle.

The fourth star to return to the center ring was injured contestant, Christopher Knight. He says he was disappointed because his arm was healing and then it broke the second time so he had to leave. He said, “I’ve been grounded, but I flew for awhile.”

Next up was the supermodel who no longer has fear of heights, Rachel Hunter. She does a very sexy performance on the hoops to “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.

Finally, together on stage for the last time, the three finalists perform to “The Final Countdown” by Europe. Weeman is middle stage doing a balancing act, Stacey is on the hoops, and Antonio on the silk scarves.

They show a clip of comments from the finalists:Stacey says, “No one can stop me now.”

Weeman says, “I’m in the zone.”

Antonio says,”I’m bringing the biggest performance ofmy life.”

[They recap the judges remarks from last week]

Joey asks, “Weeman, you’ve been a crowd favorite, but is that enough?”

Unfortunately, no. He was the first to leave. They take a look at his journey throughout the show, the judges tell him to keep his head held high.

And then there were two…

Christopher is fifty feet above the stage and showing us the crew that enables them to perform each week. He announces a performance by the Celebrity Circus pros.

The Final Word
There is a side by side of Stacey and Antonio with commentary by the judges and contenstants. It is said that Antonio is fierce competition. He is focused. The first one in the training room and the last to leave.

However, Stacey walked in with natural talent. She is determined and a great performer. She seems like a delicate flower, then turns into a tiger. Shebrings the sexy out.

Antonio says he gave it 150% from the beginning. He says you only have two minutes, and those two minutes are amazing. He has loved every day he’s been there.

Stacey remembers going to see Barnum and Bailey when she was young. She was terrified, but decided to let go. She says it’s been harder mentally than physically and she has a huge respect for people in the circus. She will forever be changed; and the word “can’t” will never enter her vocabulary again.

The Winner
Finally, it’s time to announce the winner, with much dramatic dragging on and pausing, Joey the Ringmastersays, “Antonio, your hard work paid off with a perfect 10 last week, Stacey you have dazzled the audience every timeyou’ve taken the stage,.but there can only be one winner, and it is…


Antonio says the journey was amazing. He thanks the fans, his kids, and family. He says Stacey deserves the trophy as much as he does.

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Photo credit: NBC

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