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Project Runway Begins Season 5 with Groceries

July 16, 2008 08:52 PM by DA Southern

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It’s Baaaaaack,The ever so delightful Project Runway is charging across our TV screens once again and by the looks of the pre-show hype the final season on the Bravo network looks to be a Project Runway to remember. As usual we have a quirky bunch of contestants that spell their names funny and look,well, they look like any other eclectic bunch who sashay down the Project Runway stage each season. They have a unique flair for fashion that usually equates to how they dress and a robust passion for all things fashion,at least most of them do. Those that don’t usually end up on the fashion scrap heap pile pretty quick and tonight we get our first taste of who we like and who we don’t and someone who we barely know will be cut.

We start with the fashion hopefuls arriving and it is always fun to watch as they try to be nice to the other designers. Jerell Scott was first in followed by Blayne Walsh. Joe Faris was in next and looked slightly more seasoned than the first two and he knew it. Stella Zotis, a wild looking 42 year old,at least in her wild dress,was our first lady followed by the sweet looking, Jennifer Diederich, who seemed like mom’s apple pie next to hard-as-nails Stella.


Tattooed designer, Kelli Martin, was next in followed by Terri Stevens who said hello and that was about it before we saw Jerry Tam who said he was doing very well as a designer. Colorful character, Suede,you know, like Cher,was in telling about how good he was and was confident that he would “Snip out the competition.” A quick intro from Keith Bryce and we quickly saw Korto Momolu leave her cab and saunter up to meet the others saying she was from Little Rock Arkansas and that she wanted to be the second woman to win.

The next two designers who arrived were Leanne Marshall, who said that the other designers would underestimate her and that she was the “Silent fashion assassin” and Kenley Collins, who just said hello before we saw Emily storm into the room with her effervescent self. Daniel Feld was next to make the introductions and finally the young Wesley Nault who said his clothes were “Divine.” Uhh-Ohh,I see another “Fierce” on the horizon.


The designers headed to the roof to see the lovely Heidi and Tim as they had Champaign to celebrate their entrance into the hell that they will descend to in order to become the next Project Runway winner. Heidi and Tim talked to each of the designers to determine their style and then sent them off to get a good night’s sleep, probably the last they will get.

Tim got them up VERY early the next morning and marched the designers to a Gristedes Mega Store where the designers would buy food stuff and other household stuff to make a design that wouldn’t get them kicked off in the first challenge. Tim even brought the oh-so-precious Austin Scarlett from Season One to talk to the designers about the challenge and who will be a guest judge. The designers ran to the store to buy the design stuff the needed and it was curious to see some of the things they bought. I wonder if they have ever even watched the show at all.


The designers went right to work and so you know what time it is, right? That’s right,it’s “Drama Time.” Tim was in quickly and said that the designers had until midnight to complete their design before giving his catch phrase, “Make it work.”

We quickly see various crazy designs start to take shape and our first “Oh no you didn’t say that” comment of the night from Jarell about Blayne’s incessant use of the word “Girl-licious” as he designed his garment. Oh, goodie,a cat fight already. That’s why you have got to love this show so much.

Leanne was nervous that others were using tablecloths and was worried that she wasn’t going to be creative enough. Jerry was already dissing the other designers with his superior attitude as Tim came to check on the progress of the designers. Tim was concerned about some of the designs and was especially concerned with Stella’s progress as well as Korto’s design. Tim said that too many of the designers used tablecloths and that the judges would savage them as a bunch of slackers.

With 30 minutes left the designers looked nowhere close to being done with their designs but we always see that as they seldom show the dresses until we get to the runway. Stella was defeated already as she thought she would probably be eliminated because of her hideous trash bad design.

After a night’s sleep, the designers had a couple of hours left to complete their designs and send their models to the TreSemme studio to prep them for their trip down the runway and one designer’s first and last trip before hearing Heidi say “Auf Veidersain” and “You are Auwt” in only the way Heidi could say it.

Heidi strode out to the runway looking model-licious as always telling the designers that in fashion one day your are “Een” and the next day you are “Auwt” and told the fashion designers that there were sixteen of them now but that only three would go on to compete in Fashion Week. Heidi then introduced Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge, Austin Scarlett as the parade of fashion began.

First out was a piece from Emily that was not inspiring looking and made from tablecloth, balloons, napkins and bouncy ball; followed by Jerell’s design of tablecloth, lawn chairs, cocktail umbrellas and koosh ball. Next was Leanne’s tablecloth, meringue cookies, coffee filters and marshmallows design that looked like it was good to eat. Korto’s design that had Tim worried didn’t look like it had the “Wow factor” that he wanted it to have and, yes, it too was mostly a tablecloth.


Next was Jennifer’s design and finally one without a tablecloth which will probably win her kudos from the judges just for that. Daniel’s all plastic cup design was very creative and Terri Steven’s mop heads and tablecloth design was different. Suede was another tablecloth inspired,or uninspired,design and Stella’s garbage bag design may well indeed send her home.

Joe Faris’s design had a great bunch of items and NO tablecloth and it actually flowed nicely. OK, another tablecloth design from Kenley but at least she threw in a lawn chair and a dodge ball. Jerry Tam’s design was not so inspired, especially since he ripped the other designers for their tablecloth designs and Wesley’s tablecloth, fly swatter and plastic cups design was bright, if nothing else. Blayne’s design had no tablecloths and may have been “Girl-licious” after all even though his design was hideous looking.

Kelli’s cornucopia of products design was one of my favorites of the night because it really was very creative in its style and Keith Bryce also was uninspired by choosing a tablecloth in his design as well.

After the scoring, Heidi called Daniel, Jerry, Korto, Stella, Kelli and Blayne forward and said that the rest were safe. So, from this group is the winner and the loser. Heidi called out the models and the judges quizzed the designers about their designs. They seemed hot on Daniel, not-so-hot on Jerry, hot on Korto, not-so-hot on Stella, hot on Kelli, and not-so-hot on Blayne.


After the judge’s roundtable, the designers were called back out and told Korto she was “Een” and that Kelli was the winner,See, I told you so! Man. I’ve been watching this show too long! Heidi said that Daniel was safe as was Blayne, leaving cocky Jerry and Stella. Finally, Jerry was “Auwt” and sent off to clean up his space.


Well, cocky is as cocky does and we will all see what happens on the next exciting installment of Project Runway as we get to know the designers a bit better.

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