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So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Perform

July 16, 2008 08:37 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance,not you Jessica King,but everyone else in the Top 10, including just kicked-off dancer, Comfort Fedoke, who not only replaces Jessica in the Top 10 but on the upcoming tour as well. Jessica clawed her way to the Top 10 by enduring many a misstep and sometimes being savaged by the judges to be finally taken out by an injury. Well,that’s showbiz as America is completely in the driver’s seat from here on out on SYTYCD.

In a unique introduction only nine dancers were introduced and Jessica was brought our by Cat and she told everyone that she had broken and fractured four ribs and hopefully, would be going on tour, however there are reports that Comfort will be the one touring. Cat introduced the judges, Mary and Nigel and guest judge, Lil’ C and immediately told how the dancers had different partners and would be dancing a solo as well.


Courtney was first to see who her partner was and drew Joshua to partner with this week. The couple headed to the rehearsal studio fro a Hip-Hop routine with choreographer, Dave Scott, for a “Bride of Frankenstein” dance. It was a fun and entertaining number and the judges, starting with Lil’ C, thought Courtney “Did good.” Mary was loud in her approval but said that Joshua “Stole the show.” Nigel wasn’t as impressed with Courtney’s dancing but thought her character was good.

Chelsie was first out to do her solo as they will be interspersed between the couple dances and none of the judges took time to comment about the solos. Gev was second to do his solo and quite frankly the solos are so short that they are seldom a different style from the dancer introductions at the top of the show.

Kherington drew mark for her partner tonight and we learned that they will be dancing the Country Two-Step and a Jazz routine tonight. The pair headed into the studio with choreographers Ronnie DeBeneoetta and Brandi Tobias for the Country Two-Step rehearsals. The couple started a little rocky and looked out of sorts doing the dance together but at least they had sparkly costumes. Lil’C said it was a fun routine but didn’t like it overall. Mary was brutal saying it was a tough number and said that the couple just didn’t make it look smooth, being especially hard on Kherington. Nigel too was hard on Kherington saying that she was leading instead of trusting Mark.


Solo number #2: Gev. My favorite parts of the solos are when the audience helps to end the routine by counting down the time left.

Twitch and Comfort were paired up together,now that should be interesting,with choreographer Hunter Johnson and the two were not looking like they were having a hard time connecting as Comfort always did before; The girl just can’t seem to connect. Twitch always puts his heart and soul into the dance but you could tell he was just not as connected with Comfort. The judges thought it was “OK” and Lil’ C didn’t really see the connection from Comfort. Mary thought it was “Lacking so much power” at this point and Nigel thought it was not strong enough for Top 10 dancing. Once again Comfort causes the downfall with a partner.

Solo number #3: Courtney

Katee and Will were paired up and this has got to be the ultimate duo as I could see both of these two in the finals. Tyce Diorio was cooking up a Broadway routine from “Guys and Dolls” for them and was impressed how the pair rehearsed together. You could tell these two were easily matched together and the judges loved them. Lil’C said they “Rocked his boat” and Mary screamed that she loved them. Nigel was equally impressed with the pairing and said they were both stars tonight.

Solo number #4: Mark and he was actually fun to watch.

Chelsie and Gev partnered to try their hand with a contemporary routine from choreographer, Sonya Tayeh, and a routine about a couple in love. Gev said that he felt more ready for Contemporary than he ever has and hoped it would show on stage. Chelsie was as strong as ever, and man oh man, can that girl dance. Gev was easily outmatched by her but clearly held his own. Lil’ C was complementary on the couple’s commitment to the routine and Mary said she really believed the couple. Nigel finished by saying that Gev maybe was not quite as committed but loved Chelsie’s performance.

Solo number #5: Comfort and the Hip-Hop. Boy she has had a lot of practice as she has had to dance it every week to save herself. Solo number #6: Twitch who is always fun to watch and we haven’t had to see him much do his thing.

Jean-Marc Genereux was next up working with Joshua and Courtney with a sexy salsa-type of waltz Rumba dance routine. It truly was a sexy routine and the pair carried it off with a style and grace that truly was worthy of Top 10 status. Lil’ C said that they took his breath away and Mary said that they were strong and confident. Even Nigel said they were great and loved the chemistry of the duo.

Solo number #7: Katee who is always a joy to watch and clearly is one of the top in the competition.


Mark and Kherington were next with a Jazz routine from Tyce Diorio and on stage looked like they were enjoying themselves, but Mark still looked a little tentative, but he can pull it off with his infectious presence on stage. Lil’ C thought it was a good routine and said that the lifts needed a bit o work. Mary said she didn’t really feel anything from the routine and Nigel said it was a “Bit like a driving test” in that they did what was expected but not that moving of an experience.

Solo number #8: Will,incredible dancer who could walk off of the stage tomorrow and be dancing somewhere.

Choreographer Dave Scott was at it again with Comfort and Twitch in their styles of Hip-Hop and it will be a real test of Hip-Hop skills between the two of them. Twitch was excellent and even Comfort stepped up to the plate for this one. Lil’ C said it was “Buck”,which is good! Mary said it was “Buck” too and said it was terrific. Nigel said that it didn’t look choreographed but that it looked like it was just doing it for the joy of doing it.

Solo number #9: Kherington,who may be in trouble this week.

Choreographers Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson worked with Katee and Will on a ballet-type of dance, a first for SYTYCD. The couple was absolutely gorgeous in their rendition of the dance and thrilled the audience and the judges with the routine. Lil’ C said it was great and that both Will and Katee both danced with such passion. Mary said that they were two of the most beautiful dancers she had ever seen. Nigel agreed whole-heartedly and said that they were the most beautiful dancers who may have ever been on the show.

Solo number #10: Joshua,who can move like nobody’s business and is destined for one of the top spots in the end.

The final routine tonight for Chelsie and Gev was the Jive from Jean-Marc and it moved at the speed of sound, but could Chelsie and Gev keep up? The answer,a resounding “Yes” and it was a great way to end the show tonight. Lil’ C said that Chelsie was excellent and that Gev needed to pick it up a bit. Mary said they did a terrific job and that Chelsie stole the show. Nigel agreed with Mary and ended by saying that they did a great job and ended the show with a real crowd pleaser.

It will be interesting who America sends home tomorrow night, and yes, there will be two of them leaving.

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