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BB10 Spoiler: Jesse Decides Who He Will Nominate

July 17, 2008 05:58 PM by Britteny Elrick

After Jesse wins HOH, tensions rise andthere is a secret alliance revealed in the Big Brother house, which was formed on day one..

Michelle,Memphis, andJesse.Originally, it was the three of them and Angie, but after she campaigned for Brian to stay Jesse doesn’t trust her as far as his big, burly muscles can throw her. Jerry is currently alliance-less so Jesse mentions bringing him into the threesome, but Memphis vetoes that idea on the premise that Jerry will accidentally “out” them. They contemplate letting Angie back in because they need her vote and Michelle goes and tells Angie what they’ve been discussing. [to be continued,]

Meanwhile, life is all rainbows, unicorns,and butterflies in the backyard as Keesha, Steven, and Angie force themselves to give the other houseguests compliments.

April is still a bit skeptical of Keesha and thinks she is a flip-flopper and not to be trusted. Libra doesn’t understand why Keesha is hanging out with Angie so much when she said she couldn’t stand her the second she saw her. In a very non-catty moment, April mentions that the reason why Angie can’t look at her is because she is prettier than her. She says that she’s sorry God made her that way and she can’t think of any other reason why Angie would be so rude to her.

Ollie and Jesse have a little talk and they decide that Dan and Steve should be nominated and if one of them gets POV then Angie will go up. They also discuss Keesha and how she is talking to both sides so they think that she should be next in line.

Finally, Angie meanders up to the HOH room to have a heart to heart with Jesse. He flat out asks her if she was aligned with Steven and Dan. She says no and that she thought it odd that April jumped on Jesse when he won HOH. Angie says she was confused and she has been doubting their alliance. She tries to explain herself, but all she can come up with is to blame it on drunkenness and that she put friends before the game. Jessie thinks she is just telling him what he wants to hear. He tells her that she is going to have to accept the fact that either Dan or Steven are going home this week and that they have saved her for another three weeks.

Jesse invitesAngie back into the alliance but tells her that she will have to earn their trust back. He tells her that if anything leaks out about the alliance they will know who to blame. Michelle comes into the room because Libra and Keesha told her to find out what is going on upstairs. Michelle tells Angie she must prove her loyalty to them. They inform her that Jerry really wants her out of the game. Angie doesn’t understand why they are asking her back, but says she wants to return to the alliance. Jesse and Angie hug.

Michelle is getting very, very sneaky. It wasn’t obvious where her loyalty was until today and it is apparent that she is playing the Libra, April, Keesha alliance like a fiddle. She goes downstairs and makes up a bogus story about their conversation.

Poor, old, hot as hell Memphis,. He reveals that the reason he is so unemotional is because his dad left him at a young age and when they finally reunited he died shortly thereafter. Following that he had his heart broken badly by a girl who dumped him for her religion.

What picture has Jesse so captivated?

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