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Last Comic Standing Bed, Bath, and Beyond

July 17, 2008 09:28 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last week on Last Comic Standing, two acts were eliminated taking the finalists from a dozen to a lucky 10. Esther Ku and her annoying laugh, and God’s Pottery and their annoying personalities, are gone. Iliza Shelsinger is the winner and the only girl left in the Casa de Comedy.

The other contestants have their doubts abojut her. “I don’t think she’s that strong of a comedian,” Papa CJ says. “Welcome to the big leagues, sweetheart.” The Short Bus arrives to whisk them away to their next challenge.

The Mini Challenge
The Comedy Carwash is the theme, and the contestants have to be funny and soapy at the same time. If they do a good job, they’ll receive a clue for their next challenge.

Marcus dons a bikini, and the comics take turns trying to get the drivers to laugh. Jim Tavare tries to get donations for the ABD – the British Dyslexia Association, and Louis Ramey tries sweet talk. The team walks away with $36 in tips.

The Main Challenge
The contestants return home and are greeted with a barrelful of carrots. They try to guess what might be in store, but are shocked when the Short Bus takes them to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The challenge is Mad Props, and Carrot Top is on hand to judge. They have to pick out anything in the store and the one who uses their props in the funniest, most original way wins immunity.

Ron G and Iliza are stressing out. They’ve never done prop comedy before. Sean Cullens is sure that his fake vegetables will be hilarious. The comedians have to perform at the store, as well.

Louis Ramey opens, trying to save the earth with his props. Marcus follows, with some bad puns. Ron G loses focus. “It felt like chaos up there.” Papa CJ bombs big time, and Carrot Top doesn’t even crack a smile. Sean Cullens is up, and he does better. He’s funny and loud, and the audience is laughing. “Energy, energy, energy,” he says. “Just barrel forward.”

Last Comic Driving
Tom Clark is riding shotgun tonight, joking about being lazy. Go to nbc.com to rate him and enter to win a new Honda Pilot.

Main Challenge, continued
Adam Hunter arrives with a bunch of one-liners. Jim Tavare takes the stage with a step ladder and a cooler. Iliza Shlesinger plays “What’s this for?” and does all right for a prop beginner. Paul Foot loses everybody with his long winded, roundabout speeches. “He was such a mess,” Sean says. Jeff Dye is the closer, and he decides to reenact favorite movies with props. Keeping with a theme seemed to work, and he gets big laughs.
Carrot Top declares Jeff as the winner, and he gets immunity. “He had something unique and different, it was great!” Carrot Top says.

The Elimination
“I feel a lot of tension in the house,” Louis says. The contestants are getting aggressive, shooting each other with Nerf missiles. Paul has enough and throws the gun out the window.

Ron G and Louis bet that Iliza, Papa CJ, and Paul Foot will be the three up for elimination, and Ron G thinks Paul will win. Louis is shocked, but agrees that the British acts are the weakest. Iliza thinks she’ll be up, just because she’s a girl.

The comics gather in the cemetery again to vote each other into the elimination round. The comic with the most votes will get to choose two people to go up against. Each comic has their own strategy. Jeff votes for the one who snores, Jim votes for someone who hasn’t been up for elimination before. Louis votes for the one he thinks is the least funny, and Papa CJ reverts to his native language.

Jeff goes with Louis, because he thinks Louis doesn’t like him. Sean votes for Papa CJ. Adam Hunter votes for Paul Foot, and Jim Tavare chooses Adam Hunter. Ron G. votes for Jim Tavare.

Paul Foot gets his second vote from Louis, and Paul votes for Louis Ramey. Marcus votes for Papa CJ, and he’s got two votes now, too. Papa CJ chooses Paul Foot, giving him three elimination votes. Iliza picks Papa CJ.

Papa CJ and Paul Foot each have three votes, and they are both going to the showdown. Now they have to step into the mausoleum and choose their third. They decide to go up against Iliza Shlesinger.

The Showdown
Iliza thinks she’s got an advantage, because she’s American. Papa CJ has never thought Iliza was funny. Nobody really gets Paul’s humor.

The crowd’s hot, and give Bill Bellamy a standing ovation. Paul goes first, and his quirky, awkward humor gets a few chuckles. Iliza performs next, and even though she recycles a few jokes the audience loves it. The comics in the green room think she had perfect timing.

Papa CJ opens with an LA joke and moves into foreigner funnies. He uses a lot of four letter words and reuses a few jokes, too. The audience votes, and they decide to kick off Paul and Papa CJ.

Iliza’s managed to kill off four acts so far, and the other comics are taking note. I wonder if they’ll vote for her next week? Next week, Bill promises that viewers at home will get to decide someone’s fate, so tune in!

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Photos courtesy NBC.

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