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So You Think You Can Dance Loses Two More Dancers

July 17, 2008 07:14 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance loses two more dancers tonight but not at the hands of the judges, but at the whim of the American public. So far in this contest, America has been fairly accurate in their assessment of who should be in the bottom three and, on several occasions, the solos have changed the judge’s mind on who should stay or go. But we will lose two tonight and it will amaze us how the dancers will start stepping it up as the numbers dwindle down in the coming weeks. Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance.

The group number was a fantastic Bollywood number as the SYTYCD producers must have been overwhelmed by the response of the number that Joshua and Katee did last week. This group certainly had the routine down and the audience went crazy for the number.


Cat greeted us by saying that three of the choreographers had received Emmy nominations for their work on SYTYCD, quickly introduced the judges and showed us the various routines from the five remaining couples last night and, of course, the solos.

With the couples dwindling, there is now more room for more dancing with Cat announcing that there would be three group numbers tonight. A Mia Michaels contemporary routine by the girls greeted us done to a Celine Dion song, Ave Maria. As with all of Mia Michaels dance routines, the visuals were stunning and the girls performed it flawlessly. The poor girls had to stand after their stunning performance for the verdict from last night as Cat announced the bottom two girls. Cat announced Chelsie safe as was Katee and Courtney, leaving Comfort and Kherington to dance a meaningless solo later.

The guys took their turn at a group number as they danced a routine by a “Mystery” choreographer, announced Cat. The guys look like they were doing a gymnastic routine but it was certainly full of energy and zest, but not quite as beautiful as the girls. Cat finally revealed that Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, had done the choreography for the number and it was good to see how everybody gets involved in the show. Now it was the guys turn to stand and wait for their fate as Cat read the results and immediately announced Joshua safe as was Will and Twitch, leaving Gev and Mark to dance their meaningless solos later as well.


Meaningless solos inserted here. The judges were kind to Comfort after her solo with Lil’ C saying that she had progressed the most in the last several weeks and Nigel called Mark quirky after his solo. After Kherington danced to a very bizarre song, Lil’ C said that her dancing has been turbulent and Mary said she was shocked that she was in the bottom two. Nigel even added that Kherington had “Film Star” looks and had a great future ahead of her. Gev was the last one to solo to a Michael Buble song and looked like he was having fun, even though he might be going home. Lil’ C said he always rooted for the “Little guy” and Mary said that he has been tremendous. Nigel added that since he had worked with the guys this week, he loved Gev’s personality and ability.


Finally we get to the bad news and Cat gave Kherington the very unfortunate news in what looked to be a shock to everyone in the audience as well with the judges, leaving Comfort to hang on for another week. Mark and Gev lined up and Cat announced that Gev was leaving as well this week, sending the quirky Mark to dance on for another week.

We are down to eight now and next Wednesday we will see what they will bring as we get close to the finale.

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