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BB10 Spoiler: A Klepto, a Model, and a Dead Fish.

July 18, 2008 08:49 PM by Britteny Elrick

Yes, it is official. Jesse has chosen two nominees for eviction. Although this is important news,one of the guests in the Big Brother house raises an important philosophical question: “If you steal a Bible from a hotel roomand no one sees you, does Godstill get mad?”

Apparently, Steven tells Angie that he stole a Gideon Bible from a hotel room and tried to sneak it in the house but BB wouldn’t let him. Renny got a wee bit offended and told him that those are to be left for the lonely, desperate people. What gives, Steve?

Other important facts learned today: 1. Renny matches her pillow andis an ex-NFL cheerleader. 2. Michelle likes WWE. 3. April and Libra are obsessive compulsive. 4. Memphis used live in Memphis and his name was Robert, but his modeling agent told him he liked “Memphis” better. 5. “Lil Johnny” the fish has breathed his last drop of water. 6. The showmance is in full force.

Steven and Dan are up on the block. As you might have guessed Steven is pissed. He tells Angie that it’s obvious no one wants him here so he might as well not hang out with anyone. He thinks that the guys are wrapped around the girls fingers and that everyone is full of shi*t. Meanwhile, Dan, the other nominee, makes his way upstairs to use the HOH bathroom. He starts looking at the spy screen while he’s in there, but when Jesse and Ollie walk in he turns it off and runs into the bathroom. Jesse asks him who’s in the bathroom and Dan reminds him that he gave him permission. Dan tries to fight for his life. He tells Jesse that he stayed loyal to Brian, but he will not retaliate on Jesse if he wins the next HOH. Jesse tells him Steven is going home, but Dan realizes that if Steven wins POV he is screwed. When Dan leaves the room Jesse says, “poor guy.”

Jerry says Libra seems to be in control of everything and she hopes the house doesn’t catch on. He says eventually everyone will flip on her. He also thinks everyone doesn’t like Angie because they are just jealous. On a heartwarming note, Jerry has a heart to heart with Steven. Steven tells him that he was scared to tell him he was gay because old people are harsh on homosexuality. Jerry tells him that is because old people live in the past since they don’t believe they have a future. He says that every day is the most important day andit doesn’t make a difference to him how people live.When hiswife is sad he tells her they don’t have that many days left and they need to treasure every moment… aw,you’re killin us Jer.

[There is a food competition and the guests on slop are: Keesha, Memphis, April, Jerry, and Renny. The guests not on slop are: Michelle, Jesse, Steven, Ollie, and Dan.See pouty faces below.]

As for the crazy ladies of the house, Libra is a little upset about Julie Chen’s comments alluding to her leaving her newborn twins. Libra says she’s got college to think about and she needs the dinero. April is rather upset that Angie didn’t get nominated. Angie apologizes to Michelle again for trying to keep Brian in the house, and she says if she has to go up as a replacement nominee it is okay with her.

Lastly, Keesha wants Steven to stay in the house, and also wishes BB would just give her some diet pills already so she wouldn’t have to go and eat real food.

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