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BB10 Spoiler: Hanky Panky Under the Blankey.

July 20, 2008 07:18 PM by Britteny Elrick

From the way it looks, his mind isn’t the only thing Steven is losing afterbeingnominatedin theBig Brotherhouse. Find out who else is taking off their clothes today…

Keesha is worried about Michelle using the POV and the chance that she might go up. Libra tells her shouldn’t worry. They both agree that Jesse, Michelle, and Angie have an alliance but they don’t know who else is with them.[bravo, Memphis] Keesha mentions that the Ollie, April, and Libra alliance isn’t as strong as it once was,but Libra thinks that April would take out Angie if she got HOH.

Steven tries to butter Michelle up and convince her to use the POV on him. She says she’ll think about it. He also reminds Ollie, April, and Keesha that they all hate Libra and so they should keep him in the house instead.

Jerry and Renny confront Libra about the comments she made in regards to them holding their team back when it came winning the food competition. Libra denies it at first, and then finally admits to it. Later on, Jerry comes in her room and Libra is crying. Jerry tells her he doesn’t have hard feelings, but Libra is still pissed that the fight took place before she had all her clothes on. She tells Jesse that she almost got kicked out for the fight with Jerry. She was under the assumption that they were going to get rid of Brians team first, which was Angie, Steven, and Dan. According to Jesse, Brian was aligned with Dan, Jerry, and Steven – not Angie.

Libra warns April to be careful not to say too much to Michelle because it will automatically tell Jesse. April doesn’t think Angie is a part of their alliance. Michelle reassures Memphisthat she won’t use the PoV. Memphis says he wishes they could get rid of Jerry. Jerry thinks Jessie has all the power in the house and that Ollie and April are only there to get it on. Speaking of…

the showmance, Meanwhile, in the room next door, April and Ollie make out, April says she doesn’t want to be just another showmance and asks Ollie to not use her.April makes mention that they are one of the first biracial couples on reality TV and hopes that when they get out Ollie will ask her to be his girlfriend,but Ollie prefers to use the term “girl.”

Important facts learned about the houseguests today:

*Ollie talks about being Pentecostal, and how growing up he had very strict rules. *April spent her 30th birthday on house arrest because of a DUI. *Libra’s ex-husband cheated on her. *Jerry had bypass surgery 11 years ago, but has his health under contol now.

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