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BB10 Spoiler: POV Winner!

July 20, 2008 01:20 AM by Britteny Elrick

Find out who wins POV in the Big Brother house and what they plan to do with it…

Steven tells Angie that by hanging out with him she is hanging herself but she doesn’t care. Memphis and Jesse continue doubting Angie and contemplate swapping her for Dan in their alliance with Michelle. Keesha is also getting heat for hanging out with Steven.

After Keesha and Libra talk, Libra runs and tells April and Michelle that Keesha was trying to call out Michelle. They all think Keesha is a flip flopper. Steven tells Libra that they need to stop mistreating Keesha. Libra is mad because she thinks that Keesha apologized to Steven for not winning the POV, but he says Keesha was apologizing that HE didn’t win it for himself. Keesha says she is sick of being the only one who gets grief for sticking up for Steven and that she knows Libra told people she was campaigning for him. Libra says people are just trying to get her to question her loyalty and as per usual, she is pissed. Jesse mediates and reassures the ladies that Keesha was not trying to win for Steven.

There is a POV competition. It’s just a question and answer game. Michelle wins.

Jesse talks with Steven. He tells him that the game is very simple and that if you’re not with someone then you’re against them, and Steven wasn’t with him. Steven says that isn’t the case. Jesse doesn’t understand why he wasn’t congratulated when he won HOH. Angie mentions that they were never going to vote out Jesse – they were going to vote Renny to show Brian he didn’t have the control he thought he did. [true? Who's to know.] Steven says he would rather just quit the game altogether rather than be in the house with all the “drama queens.” Jesse sort of agrees with him that everyone in the house is a moron. Jesse talks to Michelle about his conversation and asks her if she trusts Keesha and she says no.

Keesha starts telling Renny that someone needs to win HOH who will put up Michelle and April. Then she talks to April and mentions that she hopes Jerry wins and puts up Libra..? They feel like Libra controls the entire game and is a big, fat bully. Jesse also hates Libra and tells Memphis he doesn’t see why they are doing her dirty work by getting out Steven. He says they would have to backdoor her. Memphis just wants Jerry and Renny to get out because they are floaters.

Renny tells Jerry that Libra was talking shit about him and now he’s going after her. He calls her a b*tch. Jerry talks to Angie and tells her that his hands are tied til Libra is gone. They agree that they can trust Keesha, although she has leaked some things, and also Memphis and Jesse.

Steven and Jerry have a genius plan to backdoor Libra. Angie brings up the idea to Memphis and he says it will never work and Michelle won’t use POV. Steven tries to approach Memphis, but Memphis tells him that he’s gone.

Libra talks to Michelle and starts to catch wind of the Michelle, Jesse, Angie, Memphis alliance. Michelle tells Memphis that Libra was asking about Angie and might be on to them. He tells her about Steven’s backdoor plan with Libra but they both agree it’s not a good idea. Meanwhile, Libra informs Renny that Michelle is a liar and has a secret alliance, but she still wants Angie out.

Jesse tells Michelle that he doesn’t like how Libra is targeting Angie – Michelle tells him not to worry about it and that he shouldn’t be risking his game for Angie. Jesse realizes that Libra is their biggest worry. This concerns Michelle and tells Memphis that Jesse might cause them problems in the future. They agree again that she won’t be using POV.

Libra confronts Michelle and Jesse about their alliance with Angie, but they deny it. Memphis explains to Libra that only Jerry, Dan, and Steven are trying to backdoor her. Jesse tells Dan that if he gets Libra out he will be a hero in the house. Michelle says they should just let Jerry do it since no one likes him anyway. Memphis tells Libra that Jerry and Steven want her out so that she will go after them instead of Angie if she wins HOH.

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