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Jessie Nominates Dan & Steven

July 20, 2008 08:12 PM by Ryan Haidet

Dan sitting outside of the Big Brother House

Several days have passed since Brian was the first person evicted from the Big Brother house. And in case you forgot, tonight’s episode offered plenty of the blue-tinted recaps to remind you what had transpired.

The house had mixed emotions on Brian’s ouster. Steven said he almost teared up seeing him leave. Libra was happy because she felt her biggest threat was gone. Jessie, the newest Head Of Household, said Brian’s picture on the Memory Wall looked better in black and white. “His teeth actually look a little bit whiter,” Jessie said sarcastically.

After Jessie won the HOH last Wednesday, Renny said it was like her worst nightmare. Steven also said that Jessie’s win showed a divide in the house — those who liked Brian and those who didn’t.

Renny sits outside the Big Brother house

The new HOH room

Moments later in the episode, Jessie invited his 11 housemates to come upstairs and see his HOH bedroom. His room had been filled with pictures of him posing while flexing his muscles. But that wasn’t all — Jessie couldn’t stop talking about his body, which some people seemed frustrated with. Dan summed it all up saying that Jessie loves his own body way too much.

Pictures of Jessie in his HOH room.

One privilege of being the HOH is the ability to watch the entire house via closed-circuit television. That’s when Jessie spotted Steven downstairs in the kitchen. He didn’t come up to see the HOH bedroom, which Jessie felt was disrespectful. In a confessional, Steven said he didn’t want to go up there because he didn’t care.

The strategy talk began after some left the room leaving only Jessie, Michelle, Libra, Memphis and Ollie. Instantly Jessie said he would be nominating his rival Renny for eviction. Everybody else disagreed and wanted Steven nominated because they could go after Renny in another week.

Tonight’s episode also touched several personal issues in some of the houseguests’ lives. First up, Jerry revealed to Angie and Libra in an emotional discussion that his wife has Parkinson’s disease. He explained their relationship and how much they love each other. Then Steven said in a confessional that he thinks everybody knows he’s gay and that nobody seems to have a problem with it. Dan said he was happy to be in the house because he’s been given the opportunity to meet people of various lifestyles.

Steve and Dan talk

Food competition

The contestants gathered in the living room in preparation for the food competition. Having already been divided by the two couches, that’s how they divided as teams for the challenge. It was April, Jerry, Renny, Memphis, Keesha and Libra on the red team. With the green team featuring Jessie, Angie, Michelle, Dan, Steven and Ollie. Right off the bat, Libra and April didn’t like how they had Jerry and Renny on their team.

Once they all got in the backyard, it was a challenge of transporting wine. When it was all said and done, the green team won the game and full-food privileges for the week. April wasn’t happy about it and it sparked a small disagreement between her and Libra. There is major tension brewing here and an explosion is likely coming between these two.

Dan makes his move…twice

After the challenge, Dan wanted to get the chance to talk to Jessie about his nominations. So he used a bit of strategy and asked if he could use his HOH bathroom with the hopes Jessie would eventually come upstairs. This would provide the alone time he needed to chat with him about the game. But as he was sitting there, Jessie came upstairs — with Ollie! Dan hopped up off the bed and ran into the bathroom. In a very awkward moment, he flushed the toilet and walked out to pretend he had been in there the whole time.

Soon after, Dan did get his alone time to talk with Jessie. They both said they respected each other and everything appeared to be OK.


The group met around the table and began pulling keys until only one remained. When Renny’s key was the last pulled from the box, it was revealed that Steven and Dan had been nominated for eviction. But if you’ve been following all of our stories closely watching the live 24/7 feeds, you already knew that. In fact, if you can’t wait to see who won the Power Of Veto (to be shown on Tuesday’s episode), click here to find out what went down.

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