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BB10 Spoiler: Do I Smell A Second Showmance?

July 21, 2008 08:16 PM by Britteny Elrick

It was a day for pleading and begging in the Big Brotherhouse. Find out if the POV is used and if there’s a second showmance brewing…

Steven pleads to Michelle and Jesse to remove him and put up Libra because everyone hates her and he can bring people up to prove it. They don’t think it’s a smart idea and that they don’t have an issue with her. Michelle doesn’t want to help out Brian’s old alliance. Steven says by doing this she will get Dan and Steven on her side. Jesse says it’s a good opportunity to get a drama queen out of the house and gain people that will be loyal to them. Michelle still doesn’t think it’s a good idea and doesn’t trust him. She is not planning on using the POV. Dan also comes in, pleading that he’ll do anything if they remove him, but they reassure him that he is not the one they want out. Later on, Jesse tells Keesha, April, Libra, and Ollie about what Steven said.

Then Steven brings up the idea of back-dooring Libra to the lovebirds. Ollie tells him that he’s not willing to risk his fate in the house by going against what everyone wants, which is to evict Steven. April would rather vote out Steven because he is more of a threat, but they all agree that Angie would be leaving if she was on the block and that it was Jesse’s decision to leave her off. Then they all discuss Jesse’s alliance with Angie, Michelle, and Memphis and how they are all up next.

Michelle officially does not use her POV, and tells Steven she’s sorry. Keesha and April tell her that they never wanted Libra out instead of Steven. Michelle tells them how he tried to get her to use the POV. Then she confronts Angie about the fact the Steven said she would use the POV on him if she won, but Angie says it’s a lie.

Angie and Memphis talk. Angie does not like April and Libra, Memphis is surprised that Libra attacks her so much. He says they’ll try to get them to take each other out. Jessie also doesn’t care for Libra, although he likes her strong personality. Jerry and Jesse agree they aren’t racists, but they aren’t happy with the way she’s acting up and freaking out on everyone.

Keesha warns Ollie about his relationship and alludes to an illegitimate child. April says they only cuddle and Ollie says they’ve only been to first base. [lies, lies, ALL LIES] Ollie asks Jesse if he uses the word girlfriend, he says no. Jesse tells him that his girlfriend does not trust him. [I don't see any reason why she shouldn't?]

In other news, April tells Libra and Michelle that she is mad at Angie: 1. for making French fries and 2. because she flirts with Ollie on purpose. Libra tells her to have sex with him that way he will be officially hers..? Memphis walks in and they all agree that Jerry and Renny need to go before sequester because Jerry is kind of creepy and Renny is annoying as h*ll. Libra mentions that Jerry said Ollie and her would become allies because “blacks stick together.” Memphis is mad. They want to get Jerry out next week.

Jessie and Michelle talk, question the fact that Angie is wearing Brian’s hat. Jesse pours his heart out and admits his crush on Angie. Michelle tries to talk some sense into him and reminds him of what he has back home,he tells her about all the bad things he’s done to his girlfriend [i.e. cheating multiple times] and he knows this would be the last nail in the coffin. It seems as though Michelle might have a thing for him! She starts making some things up about Angie and Brian hooking up and that Angie has a boyfriend in real life.

Ollie is dying to know how many guys April has been with and she already told him everything. Ollie admits he hooked up with girls who were in relationships. He tells her to stop playing hard to get.

Renny, Libra, and Keesha think there is something going on between Michelle and Jesse. Michelle is pissed about the rumors. Jesse says its just jealousy. They get kind of close on the bed.

Important facts learned today: *Jerry had his innocence stolen by a much old Marine woman when he was a wee lad of seventeen, and he wants a fun funeral. Keesha also lost her virginity at this age. *Steven says gays are promiscuous, he has slept with over 500 men, andonetimehis penis stuck in a guy’s braces. *April made out with her twin sister. April says she would do Playboy for $80k.*Libra does leave her kids with a nanny although she said she doesn’t trust anyone. She also pays for extravagant trips for them. [What's up girl, I thought you had no money?] She also doesn’t mind if her hubby flirts on the job, as long as he brings home the bacon.

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