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High School Musical Get In The Picture: Eastern Finals

July 21, 2008 06:49 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on High School Musical Get In The Picture, the thirty Eastern semi-finalists danced and sang for the faculty and were narrowed down to a group of ten finalists, who then performed duets at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida to determine if they were going on to the HSM Campus.

Nick Lacey hosts the show and explains that thirty performers have made the cut, and are about to be cut down further. They barely have had enough time to catch their breath before nervously awaiting the next challenge.

The faculty wanted to see if the kids can move, but they were looking for more than an ability to keep in step, they wanted to see the kids personalities.

Dance Session: Tiana Brown began by teaching the group a dance routine. For some of the group like Tony, this was their first time ever learning choreography and for others like Bailey, they were giving it two thousand percent. When Nick Lachey entered the room, the group was asked to perform their new routine. The dancers showed him what they had learned, adding their own spice and flavor to the moves.

During the Vocal Session: The performers were asked to sing a song from High School Musical. During this time the performers came out and gave it their best. A few people, especially Tierney stood out from the crowd, while other singers were hard to listen to.

After the two performances, the faculty members had to choose ten performers to move on. Rob Adler entered the holding room and began to name off ten people from the group of thirty. They were then asked to go out on stage. Anthony, Bailey, Tierney, John, James, Briana, Ciara, Isaiah, Jessalyn and Tony were the names listed.

As the group waited, the nervousness got to Bailey and she began to cry. Rob Adler told them that they were going through to the next round. He again entered the holding area and broke the bad news to the remaining twenty, wishing him the best in the future.

Next up for the ten remaining kids was a duet performance at Epcot Centre in Walt Disney World. They would have one day to rehearse before their performance for the faculty. Montre Burton picked the partners and thought that this test would help the faculty see how the kids relate to other people.

They had to learn to harmonize and choreograph a routine with someone they just met in order to get the trip to Utah. Some of the pairs clicked instantly, but others had a hard time working with each other.

The kidswere paired in the following groups for their performances on stage at Epcot: Tierney and James singing–Torn, Bailey and John–I Want It That Way, Jessalyn and Anthony–Bubbly, Briana and Tony sang–Leave the Pieces, and the final duet pair was Ciara and Isaiah who sang–Change the World.”

After their performances, the faculty had the task of selecting who again would move on and travel to Utah. They critiqued the performances. They loved Briana and Tony’s performance and also Ciara and Isaiah. They felt that Tierney and James should have brought more and Briana outshone John. Anthony and Jessalyn’s performance was okay, but Anthony seemed too focused on the vocals and Jessalyn needed more delivery.

Making choices that effect people lives was agonizing for the faculty, but Nick Lachey had the pleasure of letting the winners know who they were. The winners were; Anthony, Bailey, James, Tierney, Isaiah and Briana.

Going home, but having had a great experience are; Ciara, Jessalyn, Tony, and John.

Next up for the final six from the Eastern finals is a trip to Utah to put their talents to the test at the High School Musical Campus. They will be joined by six counterparts from the West. Out of these final twelve, only one will be chosen to join the High School Musical family.

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Photo credit: ABC

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