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Is John Rich Ruining Or Saving Nashville Star?

July 21, 2008 01:00 PM by Joe Reality

John Rich Nashville Star

Depending on who you talk to, judge John Rich is either ruining or saving this season of Nashville Star. In the previous five seasons of Nashville Star, the judges rarely had anything to say but the highest praise for any contestant on the show. With the addition of John Rich to the judges’ panel this year, the kid gloves have come off.

For one thing, John Rich has told multiple contestants that they don’t belong on the show. On the second episode of Nashville Star 6, Rich told Justin Gaston, “I think you shouldn’t be on the show. I think you snuck in. I think you snuck in through the back door.”

On the fourth episode of Nashville Star, Rich told Coffey, “I think you got confused. First of all, a cowboy hat don’t make you country. You can’t fake your way through country music. Every song up until now has been Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop. I think you got confused when you came to the auditions. There’s a show called American Idol that they break Pop stars. I say you go to that show. You’re not a country singer, brother.”

Not only does John Rich tell finalists that they shouldn’t be on the show, but he also lays down Simon Cowell type insults. In fact, Rich had several harsh words for the teen singing duet Laura & Sophie. On one episode, Rich told Laura & Sophie, “I think that you come off like high school girls at a high school talent show, which is not a good thing on this show.”

On last week’s episode, John Rich was even harsher to Laura & Sophie. Rich called Sophie out, telling her, “It’s hard for me to even comment on this performance, because I’m so upset about last week, and I think I would like an explanation, as would millions of people that saw what happened last week. First of all, I would like an explanation, why do you think it’s ok to roll your eyes and disrespect Jewel on national television?”

John Rich’s comments have created a heated debate on various Nashville Star message boards. Some viewers find John Rich to be egotistical and feel his comments are overly rude. Other viewers feel that John Rich is the only one on the show that has the guts to tell it like it is and that his comments are spot-on.

Is John Rich going to far in his feedback to contestants? Or is he the only entertaining part of the show? Do you wish good guy host Billy Ray Cyrus would get into a verbal sparring match with John Rich? Discuss on our Nashville Star message board.

Nashville Star airs on Monday, July 21 from 9 PM to 10 PM on NBC.

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One Response to “Is John Rich Ruining Or Saving Nashville Star?”

  1. carcutelea Says:
    September 21st, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    I loved John Rich on Nashville Star. Sure he was pretty tough at times but he was not afraid to tell it how it is. I really think he was the best judge


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