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The Mole: Reunited!

July 21, 2008 09:17 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on The Mole, the five remaining players put their memory to the test. But it’s their emotions they must keep in check when they have the chance to reunite with loved ones from home.

Jon Kelley met the players and told them that the pot currently stood at 251,000 dollars. Their first mission would be called, “Go Figure.” The group was asked to split up into two teams, one with two dumb players and one with three smart players. Craig and Nicole piped up immediately that they were dumb, leaving Mark, Clay and Paul on the smart team.

Jon explained that he would give each team a set of clues that they must decipher. The answers to the clues lay all over the city of Mendoza. The answers would give them a series of numbers that they would enter into a computer. If all the answers were correct he would add 30,000 dollars to the pot. The players could not write down any of the numbers and had to remember them.

Jon then told the “Dumb” players that it was dumb for them to choose that team as he was going to give them more numbers to remember. The “Dumb” team had to remember five numbers while the “Smart” team had to remember only three. They were given seventy minutes to complete the task.

During the mission Craig and Nicole easily got their first clue, but Mark and Clay argued back and forth on the answer to theirs. They finally agreed on an answer and took off for the next.

Craig and Nicole worked well together, but Nicole felt that Craig was trying to mess her up a few times. Mark, Clay and Paul were behind and they ended up getting lost and asked two ladies for directions. They were in the complete opposite direction.

Nicole and Craig’s last clue caused them some difficulties as they had to count individual tiles on blocks in a playground. They recited the numbers to each other one more time and head back to meet Jon. When they arrive Joninforms them that they cannot put their numbers into the computer until all of the players arrive.

After springing across town, the smart team finally finds their last clue. They make it back with only seven minutes left to put their numbers in.

When they compute their numbers and press the button, two numbers are incorrect. Because it was one of the “Dumb” teams answers, one of them is given a chance to go back and find the correct answer. Nicole is chosen and has twenty minutes to fix their mistake.

The players left behind, begin to wonder if she is going to return and Clay looks at the computer numbers as if they are a puzzle. As Nicole returns, the guys think that they have the numbers needed for the computer and their numbers do not match what Nicole has.

After a few minutes of arguing, they put in Clay’s answer, making Nicole feel isolated. He is correct, and the team earns 30,000 dollars. The total pot is now 281,000 dollars. Claythinks that it is evident to everyone that he is a math genius.

Back at the hotel, Mark goes through the list trying to figure out who is the Mole and he talks to Clay about the last quiz and how they targeted Alex the last week. Mark feels that he can trust Clay, but once again, Clay calls their relationship “Mutual Usury.” Later, unbeknownst to Mark, Clay visits with Nicole and chats with her about what she thinks.

The next evening the players arrive in Buenos Aires and discuss their isolation from their families. They are missing their loved ones and wonder how they are doing without them.

Jon meets with the players and relays that they have a chance to add 50,000 dollars to the pot for this next mission. He explains that there is a lot more at stake than just money.

Jon goes through the players and asks them who they feel that they can trust the most in the game. Paul chooses Mark, Mark and Craig choose Clay, Clay chooses Nicole, which shocks everyone and then Nicole does a crap shoot and chooses Mark to even things up with the reasoning of not wanting the person who was chosen the most to have to do too much.

Jon empathizes how hard it has been on them not having any contact with their family and then explains that they each have family members travelling in by train to visit them. Whether they get to see those people and add money to the pot depends on the player that they chose as the one they trusted the most.

At the Los Incas train station, the players await the arrival of their friends and family wondering how the choice of the most trusted player would figure into the mission.

The mission was called, “Ticket to Ride.” Jon hadthirty questionsfor each player and the “Trusted” person had three minutes to ask their team mate the answers. Next Jon would ask five out of the thirty questions to the “Trusted” person and they had to get three of them correct in order for the doorsof thetrain to openfor the other person to see their loved one. If the answers were incorrect, the doorswouldn’t open and the loved one had to leave.

Craig and Clay were up first and it was an intense moment when the train stopped. The doors opened and his girlfriend Brendi came out to meet Craig. One by one Clay, Mark, and Nicole’strains opened and greeted their family.

Paul and Mark were up last and when Mark asked him questions, he passed or stumbled on a lot of the answers. After Mark was quizzed, the train came to a stop with Paul’s wife Tori and their daughter Alexi on board. Paul threatened to push Jon into the train and jump on the back if the doors didn’t open and as his daughter waved her fingers in a motion for the doors to open, they did and we were able to witness a softer side of Paul as he hugged them both. The group added another 50,000 dollars to the pot with a grand total of 331,000 dollars!

The players spent the night with their loved ones and talked about the game. While the other players enjoyed their time with their families, Nicole discussed her displeasure with being the only woman and a black woman at that, with her mother. Her mother, Ledora told her to quit the game and come home as it wasn’t good seeing her daughter unhappy. Nicole had decided that she was going to throw the quiz so that she could go home.

At the execution dinner there was merriment around the table and Jon was able to shine a light on the evenings execution. Whoever went home after the quiz would at least be able to with their loved ones beside them.

After the quiz, there was once again a tie, so whoever had the slowest time would be going home. Nicole looked down and said, “Oh, oh” to her mother. Jon went through the screens and surprisingly enough Nicole was safe (she couldn’t throw the quiz afterall)and,Clay was going home.

He had played an honourable game and hoped that even when emotions got high that the group would continue to enjoy the game. He jokingly thanked his wife for picking him up to take him home.

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