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Americ’a's Got Talent Goes Back To LA And New York For Auditions

July 22, 2008 07:31 PM by DA Southern

Judges Morgan Osbourne and Hasselhoff

America’s Got Talent was pegged to be a crazy mix of talent this week as we get ever so close to the Vegas finalist and the point where we get down to business on the AGT stage.  Jerry Springer gave us the location of the latest and final rounds of auditions in The Big Apple, as we prepared to see a virtual cornucopia of talent and prepared ourselves for lots of buzzing from judges, David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne and, of course, the ever-so-critical fourth judge, the audience.

Of course we had to start off with an “Unusual” act, a guy dressed up as a King named, Perry Zanett, a Shakespearian actor who had no talent and was immediately heckled, booed and buzzed.  Of course he was bitter to have been buzzed as many more crazy acts were buzzed off the AGT stage until we got to our first contender of the night.  Only on AGT could an act called, “Fun With Hand Shadows,” actually have a chance to go to Vegas with their Talent.  With the final hand shadow of Pop John Paul II sealing the deal, the hand puppet duo was sent to Vegas with their golden ticket.

Jerry Springer and Talent

The next contestant, XL Lewis, was profiled by the AGT producers as someone with the drive and determination to get to the big show with his singing talent.  The judges listened intently as the audience responded enthusiastically to the young singer and The Hoff said he had a “Great Vibe and Charisma” and sent the singer to Vegas to fulfill his dream.

The auditions switched to LA fro the final time before Vegas as we saw some of the successful acts that had previously been put through from The City of Angels.  The first act to thrill us was the Texas State Strutters, a Texas dance troupe that resembled the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  Of course, Piers and David loved them as did the audience.  Sharon was hard on them and said “NO,” but David and Piers said “Yes” sending the troupe to Vegas.  We then saw a young ten year-old Hip-Hop dancer woo the judges and earn himself a trip to Vegas as did a dance team called “The Awakening” and The Georgia Force, a Cheerleading Team.

America\'s Got Talent Singer

Of course, we knew the fun and games could not go on forever, as we saw the ever-so-strange, Ronny B. come out and completely embarrass himself as he tried to be sexy on the AGT stage, only to be buzzed into oblivion by The Hoff.  The Hoff did not like him at all but Piers and Sharon found him weird enough to send him through.  That was one definitely one for the AGT record books.

Now we finally get some danger on the AGT stage as a father and son team, The Snake Kissers, performed a cobra act called, “The Kiss of Death on a Cobra,” that had The Hoff and Sharon squirming in their chairs.  We are not sure how you could turn a snake act into a million dollar gig and Piers did buzz them off rather quickly but all thought it would not play in Vegas, but at least they got some free publicity for their act for their home state.

Jerry and Some Dancers

A quick interview with last year’s winner, Terry Fator, was shown and we watched as he talked about how his life had changed since winning AGT and we saw another ventriloquist, Michael Harrison, as he hoped to ascend the same rise to fame as Fator had.  He actually was very talented and had a good command of the audience and the judges were very satisfied with his talent and sent him to Vegas to hopefully assume the mantle from Fator.

One of the final acts was a forty-one year old single Mom, Queen Emily, who had always dreamed of being a singer but had to sidetrack her dream to raise her kids.  She immediately belted out “Chain of Fools” that had the audience on their feet immediately as she sang with a soul of a professional singer as The Hoff said that she “Knocked us out.” The judges then enthusiastically sent her to Vegas with Piers even saying that she could win it all.

Next week we will have the final audition show as we look forward to Vegas in two weeks with the varied acts looking to make the final cut to be in the Top 40.

Next week looks to be another set of mix-matched auditions as we edge ever-so-closer to the Vegas finalist and AGT’s next winner.

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