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BB10: Fights Fill The House, Michelle Wins Veto

July 22, 2008 08:17 PM by Ryan Haidet

Keesha and Steven form a bond

Last episode, Jessie, the current Head Of Household nominated both Dan and Steven for eviction from the Big Brother house. Tonight, some houseguests battled it out to win the Power Of Veto while many others just fought like children.

After the nomination ceremony, neither guy seemed too surprised, but Steven’s feelings were hurt. He told Angie that he felt numb and that it was tough knowing people wanted him kicked out of the house. Up in the HOH bedroom, Dan talked strategy with Jessie in hopes of staying in the house. It seemed the two started to see a potential alliance/friendship in each other. Jessie even said in a confessional that he really respects Dan because he stuck up for Brian all the way to the end.

New bonds form

While sitting outside, Memphis, who appears to be a smart player so far, asked Angie if she’d be willing to join a four-way alliance with himself, Dan and Michelle. Angie was very receptive to the idea, especially considering she was worried people would target her for befriending Brian and trying to save him last week from eviction. Amazing how things turn on a dime in the BB house.

A new light was also splashed on the friendship between Jessie and Michelle. She was giving him a pedicure and said that she really liked hanging out with him.

Michelle and Jessie flirt

But that’s not all, Steven said the only thing he really has in common with Renny is that they each went through Hurricane Katrina. The two shared their stories about the horrific storm and built a new connection with each other while putting a face to those touched by the event.

As for Keesha, she was very upset that Steven was one of the nominees for eviction and told him she wanted him to stay.

Veto competition

The 12 houseguests awoke early to pick players for the Veto competition. Michelle, Libra and Keesha (who Steven wanted the most to play because she would likely save him) were picked to join Jessie, Dan and Steven in the contest later that day. Before the game began, Keesha told Michelle, Libra and April that she wants to keep Steven in the house because she feels for him and all the personal things he has fought for in his life. Of course the three others disagreed and didn’t understand Keesha’s thoughts whatsoever.

In a fun battle, the six players each stood behind a podium with a steering wheel and a buzzer. Their goal was to find various Big Brother phrases on vanity license plates in front of them. Get it right, you nab some points. Get it wrong and you were eliminated from the contest. Dan was the first one eliminated — but he planned that move. Why? Because he said he wanted to seem weak to the house. Jessie was out next after he screwed up the same puzzle as Dan. Steven was ousted next leaving Libra, Keesha and Michelle in the fight for the golden medallion. Then it got juicy. The next question wasn’t for points, but for a slop pass good for one week. The catch was that if you got it right you would win the slop pass but be eliminated from the Veto competition. Both Libra and Keesha have been on slop and hate every minute of it, but neither buzzed in to take it. In the next two questions, Libra and Keesha were both out of the contest for buzzing in with wrong answers. Michelle took the power and was very excited. She said, “Don’t I look good in gold?”

Questioning Keesha

After the Veto competition, many people in the house were surprised that Keesha would skip out on a slop pass in an effort to try and save Steven. It only got worse when Keesha apologized to Steven for losing — right in front of Libra. To try and fix some concerns, Keesha told some who questioned her gameplay that if she would have won the Veto that the nominations would have stayed the same. The others weren’t too convinced with her story, but at least she covered her ground.

Then Keesha took this moment to try and change up the game. She went up to the HOH bedroom and talked to Memphis and Jessie about potentially backdooring Libra. They all acknowledged that Libra was a huge cause of trouble in the house and it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea — they just needed to convince Michelle to use the POV.

Screams, shouts and fights

Keesha and Renny talk about Libra

Renny, Keesha and Jerry were sitting around talking about Libra and how she’s nothing but trouble. That’s when Renny said that Libra had been complaining about having two older people on her team in the food competition. Jerry took offense to the alleged comment and went into her bedroom in a great confrontation without any warning (which we reported to you days ago). There was no calm before that storm. Libra jumped out of bed and instantly went on the defensive denying that she said Jerry was a slow, old man. She yelled at him saying she simply commented that next time the teams need to be more even. After the two battled it out for a bit, Jerry left the room. Libra followed him and asked who told him about her comments. “The other old person,” Jerry said. Wow. Isn’t that what he was upset about being called?

Libra and Jerry fight

That’s when Renny was brought into the Big Brother battleground. Libra argued with her about it in a very “I said this, you said that,” kind of way — almost like two third graders fighting over who gets to go down a slide on the playground first. “I didn’t say you were slow and old,” Libra said. Renny returned with “You better not!” Ah, Big Brother drama.

Libra targeted

After the house really saw Libra’s fighting side, Steven took the opportunity to try and convince Michelle to use the Veto. He proposed that if she would use it, Libra would be nominated and likely evicted because so many people were fed up with her drama and complaints. Would Michelle do it?

Steven tries to convince Michelle to use the Veto

At the Veto Ceremony, each nominee pled his case, but it was to no avail. Michelle decided not to use the POV because she said it would be a foolish decision on her behalf.

With the Veto box shut, it almost seems like it has sealed Steven’s fate. “I am not gonna give up,” he said in a confessional. “I am gonna fight. If I have to push these peoples’ faces down in the toilet and make them keep me in this house, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

His ally and friend Keesha also said in a confessional that she would fight to keep him in the house.

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