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BB10 Spoiler: “The Ambien Made Me Do It”

July 22, 2008 06:29 PM by Britteny Elrick

Has someone in the Big Brotherhouse had plastic surgery? Does Steven regret streaking? Who didn’t graduate high school? Find out these answers and more…

It was Dan who had the guts to ask Renny if she’s had a little work done. Renny said no. Dan says he asked because she looks “flawless.”

Steven blames the streaking incident on some Ambien he took the night before [Ambien mental note:do not take whileoperating heavy machinery, driving, or living in the Big Brother house]. He tells Angie that she has to win HOH. He wants to end his time in the house by being humorous, but Angie says he should just take more Ambien.

Michelle gave Jerry a little trim on his unruly eyebrows. Jerry reveals he joined the Marines because his parents abandoned him and no one adopted him – his grandma signed the papers. He never completed high school past the 10th grade, but later on he finished his degree while in the Marines.

Daily grown up activities:

1. Slip ‘n Slide with dish soap. Steven tried to slip ‘n slide naked, but BB put the kibosh on it.

2. War-type battles with 409 and tin foil weapons /armor.

Memphis is pissed that Libra used soap for the slip ‘n slide and comes close to telling her off. [is there shortage of soap in the house or something?] Angie and him agree that Renny doesn’t seem so bad to be sequestered with compared to Libra. He thinks that if Jerry wins HOH he will put him up with Jesse or Ollie. Renny also hates Libra and tells Keesha she is worried about her getting HOH.

Keesha is afraid to tell Libra that they can’t eat food til nine o’clock on Wednesday. When Libra hears the news, she has a minor freak out and gives the camera the finger. Libra wants Angie out of the house next, but April tells her that Dan and Jerry are going up if Memphis wins HOH. Libra asks Keesha why her tooth is so gray [it cracked before she came into the house] and Keesha responds by asking her why she is so fat. Libra says she’s lost twelve pounds.

Jesse and Michelle continue to innocently flirt.

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