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I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Mochi Blessings

July 22, 2008 09:13 PM by Lisa Stauber

I Survived a Japanese Game Show returns tonight, and nice girl Mary is missing this week. Donnell has a reputation for welching, and the Green Monkeys just keep losing. Will their luck turn this week?

Teaming Up
Host Tony Sano makes a rare appearance, to inform the teams that they have to even things up. One of the Yellow Penguins will have to move over to the Green Monkeys, and everyone’s fighting over Justin. Penguin Bilenda vows to keep him, while Monkey Donnell would love to have his best buddy join the Monkeys.

Cathy knows she’s lacking and causing problems for her team, and lets Bilenda know that she understands if she’s the one traded. When Tony asks for a decision, Cathy immediately volunteers.

The First Game
“Like lambs to the slaughter,” one of the Japanese producers says as he watches the teams get ready to take the stage. That doesn’t sound good!

The new game is called Sticky Sticky Bang Bang. The Velcro suits come out again, and one team member must dangle in midair while the other teammates throw Velcro covered balls at them. As an added twist, the opposite teams will have control of the rope and try to swing the sticky suit out of the way. It’s a Velcro dodgeball piÃata!

Bilenda will wear the sticky suit for the Penguins, and Cathy will put it on for the Monkeys.

Bilenda goes first, and she starts catching the balls and sticking them to herself. “It was really hard pulling Bilenda,” Meaghan says. “She weighs a significant amount more than I do.” Bilenda ends up with a whopping 24 balls stuck to her body.

Cathy steps up next. Justin and Andrew do a good job of keeping her out of the line of fire, and she’s a lot easier to move than Bilenda was. Meaghan is supposed to be firing Velcro covered tennis balls, but she is slow and barely gets any off. The Monkeys finish with a paltry 7 balls, and now they have to pick two people for the elimination round.

Reward and Punishment
The Yellow Penguins get to go to a Shinto shrine and meet a priest. “You will feel the spirit of ancient Japanese energy,” Rome Kanda tells them. The Monkeys will be making mochi, a Japanese dessert, all day long.

The Monkeys aren’t sure who will be going up for elimination, and Justin reminds them that if they can’t decide, the Penguins get to pick.

The Green Monkeys find out that making mochi balls is hard, physical work. They set to work pulverizing the rice with giant wooden hammers. “You did a bad job,” the mochi master tells them. “They’re American style,” Cathy explains. The master gets his revenge, slipping them a wasabi mochi ball and convincing them to eat it in one bite.

The Penguins are enjoying a peaceful, relaxing afternoon at the Shinto shrine, and receive a blessing. The Monkeys have thoughtfully brought back the wasabi mochi balls, but the Penguins don’t fall for the trick.

Donnell is sure that he is safe, and won’t be put up for the elimination challenge. “We really haven’t voted, it’s pretty much unspoken,” he says, while the girls are off plotting.

Meaghan has a chat with Andrew, trying to get Donnell kicked out. She puts on a skimpy red tank top and sweet talks Andrew into convincing his teammates to put Donnell and Cathy up for elimination.

The Yellow Penguins decide to vote for the two strongest competitors. “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money,” Justin says, and then votes for Donnell.

The Elimination Game

Donnell and Cathy will have to wear wigs while playing You Swing And Hope For The Best. They’ll have to swing on a rope and kick in some doors. Their goal is to find three solid doors. Oh, and there are people in panda costumes poised to attack backstage.

Cathy goes first, and hits a fake door right off. The panda whacks her with a powder puff, but Cathy makes it back to the rope. Her next door breaks, too, and so does the third. Finally she hits a solid door, and ends with a time of 2:05.

Donnell swings into action. He hits two breakaway doors, but plows right through the Panda Attack. He hits a solid door, but breaks a hole in it too, losing a shoe. He finds all of the breakaway doors, but hits the buzzer with a time of 1:07.

The Sayonara boys show up, but grab the wrong person. The producers catch the mistake and Cathy’s on her way home. Donnell swears to get revenge on his buddies for putting him up for elimination.

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Photos courtesy ABC/Craig Sjodin.

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