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BB10 Spoiler: The Sun is Shining and the Jailbirds are Singing.

July 23, 2008 07:28 PM by Britteny Elrick

Which guests in the Big Brother house havegotten acquainted with apretty orange jumpsuit?

Well, Memphis was in the slammer for beating up a couple of bouncers who accidentally hit his girlfriend. [how can a man who uses a pink hair straightener be seen as a threat?]April was in the slammer for a DUI and spent her thirtieth birthday on house arrest with an ankle bracelet. Keesha was locked up for possessing an illegal substance of some sort.

In more uplifting news, Jessie has lost ten pounds,but Libra has stopped losing pounds. Jesse continues to pose not only for the ladies, but for himself.

The houseguests are told they need to get dressed up for a surprise. They keep guessing throughout the day what it might be. Turns out they would be answering live questions from Craig Ferguson for his interview with Julie Chen. Ollie was hoping for something a little better and says he was pissed that he wasted a good outfit on Craig.April was mad they talked about her “real boobs” on TV – [um wait, didn't she bring them up on day one?]

Keesha and Renny can’t stand Libra and they also want to focus on breaking Memphis’ alliance up. They consider reeling Dan into their alliance. They think the other alliance consists of Ollie, Libra, Michelle, Jesse, and April. [not quite,] Later on Keesha talks with April and Ollie and they all agree it is smart to distance themselves from Libra because she is fake [and apparently kind of clumsy].

Before dinner, the houseguests participate in a game of questions. Dan is asked if he would take seven thousand dollars to stay in the house with other people. He said yes, and he’d use the money to buy his girlfriend some jewelry- but everyone says she’d already have left him. Angie says of all the houseguests Keesha would be the easiest to manage outside the house. Michelle says that of all previous houseguests she would like to be alone with it would be Dr. Will. Libra says she would not turn her life into a reality show for twenty thousand. Keesha thinks if there were a secret married couple in the house it would be Renny and Dan. [?] If Memphis could sum any HG up in a drink, it would be a Vietnamese Bonsai Tree for Angie. Ollie is asked what guy would turn him gay and he responds, Jerry. When Steven is asked what girl could turn him straight, he says Dan. Jerry doesn’t answer when he is asked what HG needs to be shipped to boot camp. Finally, Jesse says that his motivation for working out is himself,and of course, girls. Jesse gets a camera to make some of his own HOH memories…

The wait is over, April and Ollie have officially got it ON [if you haven't already seen the videos all over cyber space].

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