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BB10: Steven Voted Out, Keesha Wins HOH

July 23, 2008 07:23 PM by Ryan Haidet

Steven evicted

Day 16 arrived with the Big Brother players prepared to make their second eviction — but they weren’t ready for the aliens. Yes, aliens. More on that later. After Michelle didn’t use the Power Of Veto, Dan said he couldn’t have been more excited because it almost guaranteed, in his mind, that Steven would be voted out. He thought the more that Steven campaigned, the more people would turn against the rodeo star and want to buck him out of the house.

Steven started doing just that while Dan stayed low on the radar. Steven went and met with Keesha, April, Ollie and Libra asking for them to stick on his side. He made some strong arguments and left the room. The group said they knew that if they didn’t take out Dan that he would eventually target them. Was his strategy working?

Keesha also kept true to her word as she tried to convince the others that Steven should stay.

Live questions from Julie Chen

With a live audience on hand, host Julie Chen took the reigns and asked the houseguests some questions. First up, she asked Jerry if he believed his housemates respected him as a competitor. He said that he thinks he works as hard as everybody else and definitely feels he has earned their respect. Whether they do or not is up to them, he said.

Then she took it to Libra — of course. Still trying to buzz out all the time possible from the fight the two had, Chen asked if age does make a difference in the competition. Libra kept true to her argument and said that she thinks things should be kept more even next time they have a competition.

Next up was April and Ollie’s apparent showmance. April said that Ollie is a great guy and easy to talk to. Ollie said he believed his dad would be happy for him going after the girl.

Showmance between Ollie and April?

Families weigh in

Since the players entered the house, there has been a rivalry between Renny, the New Orleans native, and Jessie, the young bodybuilder. Their families were not shy on giving their opinions of the situation. Renny’s family said she’s always been the life of the party. Her son said that Jessie has been acting like a punk, a weasel and a primadonna.

Renny excited for a surprise

Jessie’s parents said that he was always little growing up before he started bodybuilding. They said that it takes a while to get to know him, but once you do, he’s a great kid. His mom also said that she thinks that power goes to his head easily, though.

Live eviction

It came time for the second eviction of the season. Both nominees were given the opportunity to plead their cases as to why they should stay with Dan up first. He said that he’s had a great time so far but understands if they decide to let him go. Then Steven stood up and gave one of the most bizarre pleads ever. He started out saying he regretted the decision he made early on in the game — but then it just got weird. He said that the house taught him all sorts of things like it takes thousands of volts to get a light bulb to work. And that it’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno. Then he said “what would (somebody — I couldn’t quite understand him here) do?” To which he answered, “Suck it bit*hes.” Then he plopped down on the nomination couch.

Then one by one the houseguests eligible to vote flowed in and out of the Diary Room casting their vocal ballot for eviction. It was unanimous, all nine votes were to evict Steven — even from his friend and ally Keesha. The bull-riding rodeo star had been bucked off the Big Brother bronco!

Steven leaves the house

After the decision was announced, Steven grabbed his bag, said his goodbyes and walked out of the house. He came out to a cheering, live studio audience. During his closing interview, Steven said the game of Big Brother is much tougher than a rodeo because “A bull only lasts eight seconds. This (points to BB house) felt like eight years.” He also said that part of him was ready to leave the game because he was ready to go home and see somebody special.

As is tradition with the latest evictee, Steven was shown some goodbye messages from his housemates. He was brought to tears almost instantly with what the others had to say. Dan told him that he had never been around gay people before and used to be very judgmental.

Aliens invade

Yes, for the first time ever, aliens have invaded the Big Brother house. In preparation for the live Head Of Household competition (likely days ago), several houseguests spotted the little green folk watching them all over the house. April was blow drying her hair when the two-way mirror in front of her lit up with green as a small martian popped up suddenly. She of course screamed and ran off telling everybody what she had seen. Then up in the HOH bedroom, Jessie spotted one in the mirror while he was talking to Memphis. In the kitchen Renny ran away laughing after one appeared in front of her while she was doing the dishes. Why? These aliens weren’t there to just mess around, they were on a mission — to steal all sorts of things from the house.

It was these stolen items that became the concept behind the live HOH competition. Two at a time, the houeguests faced off while answering questions regarding the missing items. Chen would mention an item and the players had to say which room it had been taken from. Each round at least one player would be eliminated until only one was left standing.

Keesha wins HOH

After several rounds, it came down to Libra and Keesha. Libra buzzed in first, but got the question wrong, which meant Keesha became the first woman to be beamed up into the HOH bedroom.

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First photo courtesy of CBS.

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