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Project Runway And The Cocktail Dress Challenge

July 23, 2008 08:57 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway hit the Runway,well,running,as we saw a fast review of last week’s show when Jerry was sent packing as the lovely Heidi Klum talked of the prize for the winner of Season 5 of Project Runway. Suede said that the reality of the show hit him when his roommate, Jerry, was sent home but said that any decision to send home someone that wasn’t him was the right decision. Ahh, humility at such an early stage in the competition. It’s great and, oh, so typical of Project Runway.

We find ourselves at Parsons once again as Heidi greeted the designers and brought out the models, as it is a competition for them as well. It is always so funny as they all look so similar and it is often comical when a designer takes anothers model just to mess with them,Like it matters. Heidi then announced that the models that they had chosen were also going to be their clients and they were going to make cocktail dresses for them Well, it sounds simple enough, but there is always a catch on the Runway, isn’t there.

The designers met Tim in the workroom and, of course, there was a catch. Tim explained that they would be using green fabrics for their design,no, that green, but environmentally-friendly fabrics for their designs. Yeah, curse those fabrics that are not good for the environment,but I can’t really think what they are. Then Tim announced a “First” for PR,the models would be doing the shopping. Oh boy, take control away from a designer and that spells trouble.


Tim took models shopping and you could see the panic on the face of the designers as the models went with Tim. When the models came back, you could see the look of fear from many of the designer’s faces as they though the choices were poor. Tim gave the designers thirty minutes to confab with their models and the designers were desperately trying to listen to their models.

Tim informed the designers that they had until midnight and poor Stella was already struggling with the whole concept. Emily was seen saying that she thought it was pretty “Narly” that she could help cut down on the amount of fabrics in our rivers and streams and Blayne was complaining especially loud about the amount of control he was not given for this challenge and was hoping he could impress Heidi, who he referred to as “Darth Vader,” which was interesting as Darth Vader’s wife, Natalie Portman, would be judging later. Stella again was seen saying that she was not going to give her client what she wanted and Korto said that she was used to designing for people who actually had a shape.


With eight hours left in the work day, progress looked to be slow for many of the designers and Leanne was tiring of Suede’s constant talk about himself in the third person. It is always hilarious to see how the designers get under each other’s skin, especially early on when they are unfamiliar with each other.

Korto was concerned when she saw Wesley have a dress that was similar styling to hers and went to Stella for advice. Tim was in with about three hours left and was concerned with Korto’s design and found Suede’s design exciting but was concerned about the time he had left. When Tim talked to Wesley, he cautioned Wesley on the fit-factor as the Runway lights would show every mistake. Tim thought Leanne’s design needed more editing and then announced that there would be no immunity for the challenge but instead, said that the winning dress would be manufactured and sold by Bluefly.com.


With time ticking away, the other designers started to get punchy as they making fun of Stella’s obsession with leather. It was funny to see Stella call Blayne out as the designers headed to the hotel for the night to ponder their fate. The next day was immediately sprung on us and we saw that Daniel, who we had not seen too much the day before, looked to be in sever trouble with his design. As the designers scrambled, Tim came in and announced that the models were headed in and was surprised how much work still needed to be done.

The models were off to hair and makeup as the designers struggle to piece together their final designs and Keith was dissing the young Wesley and the way his design did not fit so well on his model. Tim came in to lead the models to the Runway and the panic look on many of the designer’s face was unusual as some of the inexperience of the designers was showing.


Heidi arrived to greet the designers and after going over the parameters of the design challenge, saying that in fashion, “One day you are “Een” and the next day you are “Auwt,” introduced Natalie Portman as the guest judge for the night with Heidi, Michael and Nina.

The designer’s models came out in the order of; Keith/Runa with an interesting tan design, Terri/Xaviera with a chic blue dress, Wesley/Alyssa with a bad-fitting dress, Jerell/Nicole with a very short blue dress with fringe, Jennifer/Alex with a classic flowing orange and brown dress, Daniel/Elena with a short brown dress, Joe/Topacio with a rather simple tan-looking dress, Suede/Tia with a funky patch like dress, Kenley/Shannone with a beautifully crafted cream piece, Kelli/Germaine with a cream and blue beautiful dress, Leanne/Karakyn with another orange-looking unflattering dress, Stella/Kendall with actually a pretty decent designed cream dress, Blayne/Polina with a very unattractive pink and brown combo, Emily/Leslie with a very cocktail-looking design that was classic looking and finally Korot/Katarina with a weird design that looked not so flattering on her model.


Heidi announced the scoring had been completed and called the following designers forward; Keith, Terri, Jerell, Jennifer, Daniel, Joe, Kelli, Blayne and Emily and announced them all safe leaving a winner and a loser form the remaining six designers. Left were Korto, Suede, Wesley, Leanne, Kenley and Stella.

Kenley’s design was loved by all of the judges. Wesley’s design was hated. Stella’s design was generally liked by all. Korto’s design was not-so-well received. The judges loved Suede’s design, even to the point of Heidi saying that if she was ten years younger, she would wear it and Leanne’s design was hated by the judges.


After the judges deliberated, Stella was proclaimed safe and Suede was then announced the winner of the challenge. Kenley was announced safe as was Korto leaving the young Wesley and Leanne to sweat it out. Leanne was told she was “Een” and our young Wesley was sent “Auwt” to go and learn some more before trying to be a designer.

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