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BB10 Spoiler: Who Will Keesha Nominate?

July 24, 2008 07:09 PM by Britteny Elrick

Control in theBig Brother househas shifted to the ladies… and what are they going to do with it?

Well, April and Libra tell Keesha they are very glad she won HOH, but Keesha thinks Libra is full of crap. When Keesha gets to her HOH room, there are no pictures or letters from her boyfriend. Keesha’s tentative plan is to nominate Angie and Memphis with the hope to evict Angie. Renny confronts Keesha about having an alliance with Libra and Keesha doesn’t deny it. Renny warns her that they will betray her [as did Steven]. Keesha feels it’s more important at the moment to go after Angie then to do as the house wishes.

Keesha tells April that she is upset that Libra kept trying to stir stuff up in regards to her relationship with Steven, but April still thinks they should nominate Angie and Memphis. Keesha talks with Memphis and reassures him that he is not the target. Memphis tries to tell her Angie is not after her and that she should put up Jerry, but she and Jerry had already made a mutual promise not to nominate each other.

Meanwhile, Memphis tells Jessie and Michelle about the Angie nomination and they are pissed. Jesse tries to tell keesha that Jerry promised the same thing to him when he was HOH because he has nothing to lose. Keesha informs Jesse that Angie told Steven she was targeting him.Jesse still wants her to nominate Libra the drama queen. Keesha delivers the news to April, Ollie, and Libra that they aren’t going up. There is laughter. Thereis tears. There is a whole slew of fake hugging.

Keesha retires to her room and has a heartfelt conversation with Memphis and Renny. Then they all break open a secret bottle of wine. Later on, Michelle joins. There is some reflection upon Steven’s last remarks of “suck it b’s.” Dan and her discuss how he doesn’t have an alliance and Keesha isn’t putting him up. She seems to like Dan. [no, not like that.] Later on, Libra talks to Dan and then tells Keesha they should put him up. Keesha explains that she thinks he is with them, but Libra brings up the Angie friendship. Keesha says Angie is going upfor sure, and probably Memphis, but now she is confused. She wants to bring Dan into their alliance for good, but she is starting to wonder if all this will backfire on her. [backfire? but everything always goes according to plan in the BB house?]

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