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Last Comic Standing Bedding Playmates!

July 24, 2008 08:51 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last Comic Standing returns tonight, and Iliza has eliminated two more contestants. Host Bill Bellamy reveals a twist – tonight America gets to vote on who will win.

The men all have a conference, and pledge not to put Iliza up for elimination today. They point out she’s now had the most exposure and needs to be put out of the spotlight for once.

The First Challenge

The Short Bus arrives and takes them to a Japanese restaurant. Bill’s there in a kimono, and the first challenge is to joke and serve food to the diners. The lunch crew are all female body builders, the Deal or No Deal models, and the frat boys of Sigma Pi. They throw a table of little people, to top it off.

Iliza and Jim have teamed up and are doing well, but Jeff Dye and Ron G. are bombing. The earn a clue and find falsies – of the bra kind- waiting for them.

The Main Challenge

The comics load up into the Short Bus and arrive at the Playboy Mansion. The challenge is Bedtime Bunnies. They’ve got to read an original bedtime story to the Girls Next Door. The winner receives immunity and will automatically move on to the final performance in Vegas.

Bill Bellamy is handing them the title, and the comics must write the story.

Ron G. goes first, with “Jack And The Bean Stalker”. He is a just a little distracted, and the girls start to tease. Adam Hunter goes next, with “I’m The Same Age As My New Mommy”. Kendra doesn’t think he can tell a story, and he’s losing their interest.

It’s Iliza’s turn, and she gets a compliment on her clothes. Her story is “The Pirate, The T-Rex, and Grandma.” She tells a story about the three Playmates, and they like it. Louis Ramey is up next, with “The Princess Who Had To Pee”. His story has a plot and a joke, and the girls like it, too.

Sean Cullen is up with “Dragons Just Don’t Understand”. His story stars a dragon named Stanley, but the girls aren’t even smiling. Marcus tells the story, “All Dogs Go To Heaven, But Grandpa Didn’t”. He uses his impressions, doing Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler, and Gilbert Godfrey. “I think impressions are really funny,” Playmate Kendra says.

Jim follows it up with the story “Pretty People Always Get Their Way”. His story falls flat. Jeff Dye is last, with “Daddy Loves Mommy, Mommy Loves Lattes”. He’s not doing so well. “My story did not work as planned,” he says.

Holly, Bridget, and Kendra really like Ron G., but they chose Marcus and his impressions. Marcus gets his own robe to wear in the mansion, and now he’s a guaranteed finalist.

The Elimination Vote

Bill Bellamy reveals that there will be no cemetery vote tonight. All seven will have to perform, and America will vote on their favorites. Iliza’s mad to have to go onstage, again. “It’s exhausting,” she says. They’ll have three minutes to make a great impression on the viewers.

Iliza and Jim make a Last Comic Last Supper. Sean takes the opportunity to mock the eliminated contestants.

Iliza writes all new jokes, and the other comics are surprised that she won’t use tried-and-true sets. They wave good-bye to Marcus and head backstage.

The Showdown

Adam Hunter goes first. He takes a risk with political jokes, but cracks the audience up with a Smurfs punchline. Iliza’s up, and she’s making fun of girls and texting. Her new jokes go over well.

Sean Cullen is up, and he bursts into song. Jim Tavare brings out his cello again. They both get the audience laughing. Jeff Dye mocks The Sound of Music, and Ron G. is up talking about being single. Louis Ramey brings up the rear with a funny set about

Voting closed two hours after the show, and results are being tabulated. Tune in next week to find out who wins!

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Photos courtesy E! Online, and NBC.

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