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So You Think You Can Dance And A Shocking Vote

July 24, 2008 07:16 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance loses two more dancers tonight as Cat Deeley says that America’s votes are in. At this stage of the competition it is hard to lose any of the dances as most could be dancing professionally tomorrow. But, this is a competition for the best and in a couple of weeks we will be at the finale for that very purpose. Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance.

A group number to a song called Universal Mind Control rocked the beginning of the show and it was as wild as the title suggested and as much fun to watch as you could imagine. It truly is one of the best group of dancers to date on the show, especially this Top 8 crew. Cat introduced the judges once again and asked guest judge Toni Basil about her dance career and she said that was impressed as to the dancer’s ability on the show. Nigel followed up with a comment about voting in the next election and how important it was and how you can go to declareyourself.com and register.


Cat called out Katee out to see if she was one of the first to make it two the Top 6 and after a brief recap of her performance last night, Cat declared her safe. Will was the next one out and, barring some brain freeze by America, he will be safe as well,and he was not,and the audience was shocked to see him go to the bottom two. What was America thinking?

Comfort was next out to see if she would meet the same fate as Will and after the recap of her poor performance in her second routine, Comfort was told that she, too, was in the bottom two female dancers. Mark was called out to the stage next and after we saw him do a pretty decent job at the Hip-Hop and not-so-much at the Fox Trot, Mark learned that he had actually made it to the Top 6, shocking him.


Chelsie was called out next to find out her fate and we saw that the judges loved her every move last night. The audience loved her too as did America as we found out that she was safe. Twitch came out next and as we saw the judges marveled at his ability to dance with such heart, America found him not quite so endearing and that pronouncement sent Twitch to his knees is shock and we can’t believe we will lose either Will or Twitch tonight.

Joshua, we now know as safe and moving on to the Top 6, was called out to see his recap from last night and we saw how much Joshua has grown during this competition. The last one out, and in the bottom two girls, was Courtney and we know that she certainly is good enough to move on, but will America be kind to her?

Two dancers from the LA Ballet danced a beautiful number from the ballet, “Who Cares,” called The Man I Love as the soloist prepared. It was truly moving and we could see any of the Top 8 easily being able to dance in the routine, as that is how good they are.


The bottom four danced in the order they were announced they were in the bottom four; Comfort, Will, Courtney and Twitch. After Will danced, Nigel announced that it would be sad to lose either Will or Twitch tonight.

After a performance by LL Cool J, Cat finally announced that tonight, according to America’s vote, that we would be losing Comfort, for the second time, and Will, Uhh,what was America thinking? After a sad farewell and the dancer’s progress during the competition, Cat said that the Top 6 would be performing next Wednesday as we prepare for the finale in two weeks time.

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