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BB10 Spoiler: David Koresh the Sequel?

July 25, 2008 09:52 PM by Britteny Elrick

Is there an unstoppable force that is slowly taking over the minds of the Big Brother houseguests? Is Jerry really a womanizer? Who will Keesha nominate? Who wins POV?Information so juicy you won’t even have a large enough glass…

Keesha still wants to nominate Angie and Memphis. She tells April that she will make Dan promise safety next week and then she will bring him into the alliance. Memphis keeps trying to convince Keesha to nominate Jerry and not Angie. He tells her that Angie would have nominated April and Libra.Jerry pisses him off because he calls Memphis a womanizer. Memphis says Jerry is the one who is “one hundred years old and married and grabbing other girl’s boobs.” [Come on, Memphis, the guy's got tolive a little before he kicks the bucket...]

Jesse talks to Keesha and tells her to put up Libra. After he leaves, April, Libra, and Keesha talk about putting up Angie against Jesse instead. Jerry and Dan agree that they will vote however they want. They bring them both into the alliance, and Jerry refers to it as the Jerryatrics.

Keesha follows through and puts Jesse and Angie up on the block.

The Jesse, Michelle, Memphis, and Angie alliance doesn’t realize that Dan and Jerry have crossed over yet because Jesse campaigns for Jerry’s vote already. Jerry says he will think about it and doesn’t like the fact he’s friends with Memphis, who is a rude prick. Jesse tells Memphis about the talk and says he’s pissed that he is guilty by association.

Michelle realizes if any of them win POV that one of them will be backdoored anyway, and they regret their decision to not eliminate Libra when they had the chance instead of doing her dirty work. Later in the day, she and Angie run laps around the yard while making rude comments about the other houseguests.

Inside the house, the girls return the favor and discuss their hatred for Angie. Keesha does appreciate the hug from Angie after nominations though. Libra says Memphis is the mastermind of the alliance and they need to get him out. Libra says she is loyal and is playing the game with dignity. [yet, she compares herself to the sneakiest snake in BB history,Dr. Will?] She says everyone is blinded by her control and also equates herself with David Koresh.

Renny warns Keesha again about Libra and April turning on her. Keesha says after next week she will fly under the radar and let someone else get them out. Michelle tells Keesha if she gets POV that she will not use it, and Keesha promises her if she does that then she won’t get backdoored,[what?] Renny also wows us with an amazingly rare talent only a few people in the universe have mastered. [either that or it's just been too long since she had any real food?]

Memphis questions Keesha and a possible plan to backdoor him. He is confused why she nominated Jesse and she explains that she saw him mocking her on the spy cam. Memphis talks to Libra and she wants to know who is talking about backdooring her. He says its not him, and she says it wasn’t her idea to nominate him either.

Jesse strategizes with Memphis about how to save themselves and get Libra backdoored. Michelle says she will save Jesse if she gets POV. Jesse asks them if he should bring up the idea of backdooring Libra to Keesha, and they say no. Jesse goes upstairs anyway, but isn’t let in. Renny doesn’t get in either. Memphis thinks he should threaten Keesha that if she doesn’t backdoor Libra, she will be nominated next week.

KEESHA wins POV!!!! But I’ll leave you with this picture instead,because it leaves much more to the imagination:

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