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BB10 Spoiler: Are Jesse’s Muscles Strong Enough To Save Him?

July 26, 2008 08:18 PM by Britteny Elrick

The girls are sitting pretty in the Big BrotherHouse this week. Will Jesse be as good atpersuading the ladies as is at showing off his big, burly muscles? We’ll see…

Ollie tells Jerry and Dan that Memphis had made a deal with Keesha and that is why she put up Angie instead of him. They don’t think there is a chance they can backdoor him how. Dan is a little paranoid that the girls might be mad he’s been hanging out with Jesse’s alliance.

Michelle doesn’t understand how Jerry could go from hating libra to being on the same side as her, but Angie says he floats to wherever the power is.

Renny and Keesha are in the HOH room and watching April, Ollie, and Libra on the spy cam. They think they might have a secret alliance. Keesha starts ripping on Michelle and says she would never associate with her outside of the BB house. They sense that Michelle knows they don’t like her. Keesha says that Jesse is desperate and trying to evict Libra, but she knows his loyalty is not with her so she won’t take him off. Renny asks if the other teamwanted her to go up because she was a floater, and Keesha says yes. Keesha tells her that she told Jesse she doesn’t prey upon weak people. Renny says she felt like a man without a country before she joined their alliance.

Jesse, Angie, Michelle, and Memphis are outside talking. Jesse thought Keesha was on their side, but they were wrong. They start telling funny stories and bashing Libra. They say that the other “people” in the house are saying they don’t cook for everyone, and Memphis says if they mention that to him he will throw food all over the floor. Angie doesn’t understand why she gets flack for wearing Brian’s hat when Keesha wears his shirt. Michelle says they are always whispering, but she hears everything with her “hawk ears.”

April and Ollie do their thang again in the eighties room [and April gives the world a peep show]. Then they lay in bed and talk about how they love sports.

Meanwhile, Libra tells Jerry and Dan that being a mom has given her “grace.” Jerry says that the most important thing as you get older is kids and grandkids, because that is all you have.

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