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BB10: Keesha Nominates Jesse and Angie for Eviction!

July 27, 2008 06:51 PM by Britteny Elrick

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Keesha shocks the entirehouse when she decides to go against the original plan to put upMemphis and nominates Jesse and Angie for eviction…

First, the houseguests reminisce about Steven’s eviction and howconfused they were with his last words, “suck it b*tches.” Keesha and Angie talk about how much they miss him and what a hard decision it was. Dan thanks everyone for keeping him in the house.

Renny and Libra talk about how excited they is that Keesha won HOH. Michelle says that her alliance has gotten out Steven and Brian, and now they need Keesha to do the rest of their dirty work. Dan says he intentionally threw the HOH competition. Keesha says she is not forgetting who was not kissing her butt before she had the magic key. Libra doesn’t understand why Keesha isn’t sure who to nominate. Libra tells her she has her back next week and Keesha says, “Well, I hope so.” Jesse and Memphis say that they just need to get her to trust them.

Keesha takes everyone up to see her HOH room. There are pictures of her parents and her dog Gizmo. She reads a letter from her parents and the houseguests leave her alone, except Renny. Keesha tears up over the words her parents wrote and Renny consoles her.

Then the talk turns to strategy. Keesha tells Renny that she trusted her and Steven only. They talk about how Libra will stab her in the back if she gets the chance. April knocks on the door and Renny is skeptical. Keesha says that she will not nominate who the house wants her to. Then Libra and Ollie come in. Keesha runs the idea behind them of putting up Angie. Her reasoning behind the idea is that Angie left Steven out to dry, even though she was his friend. They all agree and mention putting up Memphis against her so that would be one less vote in her favor.

April, Libra, and Keesha talk to Memphis and she tells him that she is thinking of putting Angie up. Memphis tells them she is not after them, but Keesha says she knows otherwise. He says Angie would have nominated Dan and Jerry. Angie and Renny try to come in but Keesha says to come back later. Angie tells Jesse that Keesha is not strong enough to stand up to the rest of the girls. She knows something is up and that’s why they didn’t let her in the room. Keesha tells Memphis not to talk to anyone about the conversation.

Memphis goes back to Jesse and tells him that she’s thinking about putting up Angie. He tells him to try to talk to Keesha. Meanwhile, Dan goes up to the HOH room. Keesha says he is one of the few people she wanted to talk to. Dan admits he doesn’t have an alliance. Keesha tells him that the plan was to nominate him, but she doesn’t want to do that. She says that if she saves him, she expects him to save her in the future. Dan tells her that he hasn’t given his word to anyone since Steven. Keesha admires that.

Keesha talks to Libra. Libra admits that she doubted her. Keesha says she is hurt, but Libra says it was more about her friendship with Steven than it was about her. Libra is worried this will break up the alliance. Keesha tells her she has to be careful with her mouth.

The Food Competition

They are playing for food for the entire house this week. The houseguests dress up in sixties style clothing and make their way to the backyard. When they get outside, they find two laundry baskets full of socks spinning on top of giant records. The records were divided by a large wall. Two houseguests at a time would stand one of the records and they each had to find the same sock and then hang it up on their side of the wall under one of the food categories. The girls were frustrated that the guys weren’t listening very well to them. April in particular was very frustrated with Ollie. They ended up winning: beef, pigs feet [Michelle seemed to be the only one excited about this], chicken, deli meats, apples, bananas, cookies, brownies, beer, juices, raisins, cereals, and pumpernickel.

Ollie and April talk about the books they like. April says her life was changed by a “co-dependency no more” book. Ollie says he likes self-help books, and he feels paranoid that people are always after him. He says he sees “road construction signs” when it comes to relationships. April says there is a difference between a “slow down” sign and a “do not enter” sign. [so much wisdom being exchanged here,]

April goes up to the HOH room and Keesha asks what she should do. She doesn’t know who to put against Angie. April suggests Memphis again, but Keesha is very scared to have him against her. They talk about how he has won the car already and that is equivalent to second place. Finally, Jesse and Keesha talk. He asks her what she’s thinking. She tells him she’s putting up Angie and asks for his vote. Jesse says she isn’t coming after her, but Keesha says she knows for a fact that she is. He brings up Libra. They agree that everyone wants Libra out. Jesse says put up Dan and Libra and everyone will vote Libra out. He says she will bury herself and show her true colors.

Angie says she knows she will be put up, but she shouldn’t be her main concern. Jesse says he feels safe and thinks she will nominate Dan and Libra. Libra says she is loyal and hopes Keesha won’t hold her actions against her. Kesha says the houseguests will be shocked at who she chooses.

The Nomination Ceremony

Keesha gets a little teary eyed and says that the nominees are not her enemies, but it is what she has to do. The first key to come out of the box is Dan, followed by Renny. Then it’s April, Memphis, and Ollie. Libra is the next to come out. The last two are Jerry and Michelle. The nominees are Angie and Jesse! Keesha tearfully says that she nominated Angie because she slid through without any flack for the Brian alliance. She nominated Jesse for sending Steven out the door last week.

Dan says it was his “coming out week.” Michelle says she opened up a can of worms and now “it’s on like donkey kong.” Angie says the battles are just beginning.

Stay tuned to see who wins POV this Tuesday!

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