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BB10 Spoiler: A Banner Flies, Memphis Lies, and April Cries.

July 27, 2008 07:43 PM by Britteny Elrick

While Jesse tries to do damage control inside theBig Brotherhouse, he receives some help from an unlikely source…

a banner! [more on that to come...] Memphis tells Keesha that he is pissed because he has stood up for her since day one to the same people she is now aligned with. He says that Angie and Jesse aren’t even out to get her, and he doesn’t understand why she is out to get them. She tells Memphis that she’s upset he didn’t win POV and remove Jesse. They both want Jesse to stay, but Memphis says Jerry is campaigning for Angie. Keesha confronts him about this, but he denies it.

Jesse also confronts Jerry about this, and again Jerry denies. Jesse calls him all sorts of names.

Michelle gets involved and calls Jerry “two-faced;” he calls her a “snake in the grass.” Oh, he also gives her the finger.

Jesse also has a talk to April about how she promised to keep him safe. She tells him that it wasn’t her choice, but he shouldn’t worry because he isn’t going home. April denies being in the HOH room when they all decided to nominate Steven, and the fact that she has slept with Ollie. She gives Jesse her word that she won’t vote him out. He doesn’t buy it.

All the houseguests still anticipate some sort of twist. Memphis tells Keesha a banner flewacross the sky: “Libra-Liar-Love Steven.” Memphis and Angie talk about the banner. Memphis says, “It might have said ILoveLibra.” Angie laughs. Libra is pissed about the banner, but he doesn’t care. Keesha thinks he is lying as well. Neither Angie nor Memphis care to watch the show when they get out [pssh, yea right!]. They think Jerry is only aligned with Keesha for one week, they don’t realize it was permanent.

Jesse says he is sure that Dan will keep his word and not vote against him.

April cries because she misses home.

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