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High School Musical Get In The Picture: West Coast Auditions

July 27, 2008 07:26 PM by Paulene Hinds

West Coast HSM audition

On High School Musical: Get In The Picture, the performers from the Eastern audition are set, now the performers from the West will be chosen. Who will get in the Picture?

Host, Nick Lachey announced that once again, thousands oftalented performers lined up around the block for their chance to bein High School Musical Get in The Picture.

Regina Williams, Jennifer Malenke and Chris Prinzo held surprise regional auditions across the Western half of the United States, as well as a massive open casting call in Long Beach, California.

It was a tough start to the Western open call in Long Beach as the first three performers were turned away. With thousands of kids auditioning, only a handful would be chosen.

By the time that they got to the open call Regina Williams, Chris Prinzo and Jennifer Malenke had already criss-crossed half the country, from Alaska to Hawaiilooking for talent.

The trip across the West Coastproved more profitable as Regina Williams met a young lady named Christina Brown in Hawaii and Chris Prinzo met two friends; Sean Maddox and Kelli Schultz in Austin Texas and theyall made it through to the semi-finals!

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s luck to find a semi-finalist was still running bad as she had to turn a young man named, Cash Johnson down in North Dakota.

Back at the open call the faculty continued to have trouble finding the right young talent.

Stan Carrizosa sang a bluesy version of a song andJennifer Malenke loved his voice. He had great beginner’s luck during his first ever audition andwas the first find of the open call.

But finding talent on the road was sometimes like searching for a needle in a haystack. The faculty got lost more than once looking for their destinations and Chris finally found himself inDallas Texas, scouting Madison Greer, a chemistry lover who had the stuff that he was looking for.

Regina then travelled off the coast of Oahu to see Christie Brooke as she sang on the beach for her family and friends. Regina thought that from the moment she met her, she was charming and entertaining. She surprised her and told her she was taking her to the semi-finals. Christie is excited to be representing Hawaii and can’t wait for the next round.

In Lincoln Nebraska, Jennifer went to listen to a band geek named Ether Saure in a coffee house were he performs every Tuesday night. She thought that he would be very shy, but when she saw him on stage she couldn’t believe his stage presence. He has never been any farther than Utah and was looking forward to going to Disney World!

Back at the open call, the faculty was finally on a roll. Courtney Cuomo though was unable to keep the hot streak going and Juan Medina tried singing the same song that Estefania Alegria sang last week in the Eastern audition– La Bamba and was not sent through (why people sing that song anyway, I’ll never understand).

west coast open call

Jennifer had told so many people no that day that she was hoping for someone to come in and blow her away,it wasn’t Metiqua Eng! She was passionate, but her voice wasn’t.

Brittany Christian made it through when she sang for Regina Williams, but little Brittany Bishop, the pole vaulter, who travelled 15 hours to audition needed to bring more presence to her performance and was turned away by Chris.

Ally Schmitt from California, made it through when Regina watched her play in a high school performance of the play version of “High School Musical.”

Back at the open call, sixteen year old Blair Perkins was hoping to charm his way into the semi finals and it worked!

Jen travelled to one of the far corners of the earth,Alaska. She checked out Clairen Stone, but she didn’t think that stylistically she didn’t fit into the High School Musical world.

Thaddeus Wilson made it into the semi-finals, ready to shine in the spotlight along with a handful of other young hopefuls.

Andrew Olson was ready to deploy a secret weapon–back flips and his warm presence and awesome performance earned him a spot to go to Walt Disney World along with Christina Villalva who put on a fierce performance for Jen.

Lauren Diaz who proclaimed that she was from a town that no one had ever heard of on the way to Vegas, put her town on the map with her singing ability. Chris enjoyed the power in her voice and she is off to the semi-finals.

So as the Western open call was winding to a close, one last performer was up to audition and pull out all the stops. TJ Wilkons from South Central, sang to keep his mind off of the temptations of drugs and to keep himself focused. He closed the open call on a high note and an airplane ride to Disney!

All sorts of people, songs and personal stories had passed through the doors of the open call and only the best are moving on. It will get only more tense from here!
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Photo credit: ABC

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