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BB10 Spoiler: The POV Ceremony Is Over!

July 28, 2008 06:34 PM by Britteny Elrick

It wasa tense day in the Big Brotherhouse. Find out if the POVwas used to save either Angie or Jesse from eviction…

Libra is dumbfounded as to why everyone wants to put her up,? She doesn’t understand why Angie wouldn’t just try to get Jesse out instead. Angie and Jesse still try to get Keesha to backdoor Libra. Angie thinks that Keesha can only see the best in people, and she also thinks that they need to reel Dan into their alliance, [too late].

The POV ceremony takes place, and Keesha does not use it to change her own nominations. Shocker. All Jesse’s attempts were in vain.

The house seems to be in agreement that Angie’s speech was “classy,” but they didn’t share the same sentiment for Jesse’s. Later on, Jesse bashes Jews and people from California. Libra tells Memphis that black people can’t swim because of their bone density and Michelle asks if that means that white people can’t play basketball? Keesha mentions that she has cheated on every single, solitary boyfriend she has had,”towards the end.” Renny says she would chop off her hubby’s nuts if he ever two-timed her. Dan says this is his first real girlfriend, and Jesse admits to four prior.

Jesse continues to fight for himself to stay in the house. He thinks that he has Dan and Renny on his side and that he controls Keesha. [Jesse, Jesse, Jesse] He asks Michelle if he is losing muscle mass and she starts squeezing him. [aww,.barf] Angie suggests talking to Keesha about the vote and both Jesse and Michelle tell her that’s a bad idea.

Important Monetary Facts:

*Memphis makes $9.00/ hr but rakes in the tips. *Keesha pays $2,000 / mo for rent, while Angie pays a reasonable $900. *Jerry used to make $50.00/hr and had a lot saved, but lost most of it bailing his boy out of the slammer.

Jerry is skeptical of Dan and thinks he is two-faced, but he still wants to bring him to the jury. Jerry complains about Memphis again. He and Ollie agree to stick together to the end.

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