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High School Musical Get In The Picture: Western Finals

July 28, 2008 06:57 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on High School Musical: Get In The Picture the top thirty have moved onto the next round and the faculty have to choose only six in the end to make it to the finals.

The thirty performers that the faculty found from the Western finals have come together and they will participate in a dance session as well as a solo performance and at the end of the day the number will be cut down toten. In the end there would only be six moving onto the HSM campus to meet their Eastern counterparts.

Dance Session: Regina Williams began by teaching the group a dance routine. She was looking for someone who was a total performer. She wanted to see how the kids could move and also add in their own personalities.

When Nick Lachey entered, he seeks out the first time dancers and Stan puts up his hand as well as Ether. Hecongratulates themfortheir efforts. They watch the performers and Olson andSean brought out all the stops.

Some of the performers were off to a great start, while others were going to have to pick it up a notch because the faculty was about to eliminate two thirds of the kids.

During the Vocal Session: Each performer was given one chance to impress with a song from High School Musical. During this time the performers came out and gave it their best. Some of them really shone on stage while a few got the jitters and let their nerves get the best of them.

After the two performances, the faculty members had to choose ten performers to move on. Jen Malenke was sent into the holding room to either make or break the performers. She called out the first ten names and they were asked to go on stage to see Chris and Regina. She talked to the group and told them that not everyone would be able to go on and as she wished them luck, she broke the news that they had made it. Shayna, Lauren, Madison, Christie, Britany, Christina, TJ, Ether, Sean and Stan were moving onto the duet session of the competition.

Jen then returned to the holding room and explained to the remaining performers that they had not made it and also told them to continue to perform and not let this get them down as they wouldn’t have made it this far if they were not so great!

The ten kids moving on soon found themselves paired up for a musical duet to be performed in front of the faculty at California Adventure in Walt Disney Land. Chris explained that they still had a lot of hard work ahead of them. They wanted to see the partnership and team work of the kids and see if they could use their differences to make a better performance. The kids were paired in the following Shayna and TJ, Ether and Lauren, Madison and Christie, Britany and Sean and Stan and Christina.

They had just one day to perfect their song and routine. Some of the performers were happy about the pairing like Madison and Christi, while others like Stan and Christina were unsure on whether their team mate would help or hinder their chances to make it to the finals.

Sean and brittany HSM

During the performances at the Western Regional finals Shayna and TJ sang–Don’t Think of me, and Ether and Lauren sang–Hold My Hand. The only same sex duet was by Madison and Christie and they sang–Vacation. Brittany and Sean sang–Inside Out and the last performers were Stan and Christie singing–Everything.

At the end of the performances, the faculty sent the group back to the hotel so that they could make their decisions. As they critiqued the performances they thought that Ether and Lauren worked well together, but Regina and Jennifer couldn’t agree on Lauren’s performance.

Regina thought that Madison had not pulled it up in the latter part of the competition and Chris felt that TJ and Shayna had a great connection.

They all agreed that Sean and Brittany were uncomfortable in the beginning of the performance and Sean by himself was a little showmanship like.

Jennifer thought that Stan was a little awkward and the faculty felt that they had more to uncover with Christie.

The agonizing process was over and the faculty had made their final decision on who would move forward in the completion. Nick Lachey delivered the good news to TJ, Shayna, Ether, Christie, Stan and Christina. He also had the unfortunate job of letting down Lauren, Madison, Britany, and Sean.

Next week on High School Musical: Get In The Picture, the 12 finalists from the East and West Coast auditions get the surprise of their lives with a visit to the film set of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.
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