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Nashville Star Results: Coffey Eliminated

July 28, 2008 07:04 PM by Joe Reality

Coffey Sings Sweet Home Alabama

The theme for the eight episode of Nashville Star 6 was hometown concerts. The final four of Shawn Mayer, Coffey, Gabe Garcia, and Melissa Lawson were shown in clips returning to greet fans in their hometowns.

Shawn Mayer returned to her hometown of May City, Iowa. For her first song, Shawn sang “Here For The Party.” John Rich said, “You actually made that sound like a Shawn Mayer song.” Jewel said, “Shawn, you really are starting to come into your own.” Jeffery Steele said, “Make your next one your best one, it might be your last one, so give it your best shot.”

Gabe Garcia Sang Living In Fast Forward

Gabe Garcia returned to his hometown of Lytle, Texas. For his first song, Gabe sang “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.” Jeffery Steele said, “A little shaky on the start, a little shaky on the ending.” John Rich said, “You are the real deal. I think you’ve got a great chance at winning this show.” Jewel said, “The work is just beginning. You know, I want to make sure that you’re dedicated to this and being able to be a star for Nashville Star.”

Coffey returned to his hometown of Los Angeles, California. For his first song, Coffey sang “Sweet Home Alabama.” Jeffery Steele said, “You’re a great showman.” John Rich said, “I think you’re a star, and I still doubt that you’re a Nashville Star.” Jewel said, “I thought it was great tonight.”

Melissa Lawson returned to her hometown of Arlington, Texas. Melissa sang “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Jewel said, “You hit the money notes where you need to.” Jeffery Steele said, “I get a little tired of hearing those big notes for me, that’s a little too much for me all the time.” John Rich said, “Why do you want to be the Nashville Star and what would it do for you if you won the Nashville Star?” Melissa replied, “I’ve never wanted anything more than being the next Nashville Star, and it would change not only my life but the lives of my children and as a mother that’s my responsibility.”

For her final performance, Shawn Mayer sang “The Dance.” John Rich said, “You are light years ahead of where you were ten weeks ago.” Jewel said, “I think that you would be a good Nashville Star, because I think that you would have a vision for yourself and your career.” Jeffery Steele said, “You showed yourself to be a real pro tonight.”

For her final performance, Melissa Lawson sang “Jesus, Take The Wheel.” Jewel said, “I think you have a lot of good things going on.” Jeffery Steele said, “When you sing those notes straight and pure like that, I love you, Melissa.” John Rich said, “Those kind of performances connect to the country audience, and you have a shot at being the Nashville Star.”

As Gabe Garcia and Coffey waited on stage, host Billy Ray Cyrus announced, “Last week America voted, and the contestant whose Nashville Star dream comes to an end right now is Coffey, which means congratulations Gabe Garcia.” Coffey said, “If you don’t catch me on tour this summer, you can catch me in a church near you leading worship. God bless you guys, I love you.”

Nashville Star 6 Final Three

For his final performance, Gabe Garcia sang “Living In Fast Forward.” Jeffery Steele said, “That voice is radio all day long.” John Rich said, “I think you are important to country music.” Jewel said, “I think you’re doing a great job with all your notes.”

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Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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