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The Mole: Nicole gets shot!

July 28, 2008 09:35 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on The Mole, with only two executions left, the final four take aim at the game’s final exemption — and each other.

The players stood in an old abandoned Mill outside of Buenos Aires. The building looked unremarkable, but host Jon Kelley told the players that they cannot always trust what their eyes were showing them. The pot currently stood at 331,000 dollars, but the first mission, “How’s the View”, could add another 64,000 dollars to it.

He asked two players to step forward that considered themselves “young at heart” and all of the players put up their hands, but Craig and Paul were first. Jon then split the four players up into teams each with one “young at heart” person in it. Paul wasn’t happy about that as he had a plan to stay with Craig.

Mark and Paul were on one team and Craig and Nicole were on the other. They were going to complete an obstacle course that was designed for kids.

The “young at hearts” had to wear view goggles which were linked to a video camera. What the camera saw, the person wearing the goggles would see, except that it would be a mirror image, appearing backwards!

Mark and Nicole were operating the camera and were Paul and Craig’s eyes. They would not be able to speak during the mission to their partners.

Paul and Mark were up first and the first game was to test their manual dexterity. It was an IQ test for toddlers. They had to take three shapes and put them inside a box in the right hole. For each shape that they put in, they would add one thousand dollars to the pot, with a potential of three thousand dollars in total. They were given one minute to pull it off.

Paul found it harder than it seemed as his mind kept trying to confuse his left and his right. They did it and added the full amount to the pot.

When Craig and Nicole began, Nicole felt that her being a microscopic surgeon would have benefited them and grew tired of Craig’s fumbling. Craig asked Nicole a question and she answered it when she wasn’t supposed to. They ended up with all three shapes in the box, but only two thousand dollars for breaking the rules.

The second game was to kick two soccer balls into a net. The ‘young at heart” person would get one kick at each ball and if they went into the net they would earn forty-five hundred dollars.

Paul and Mark went first and even though Mark gave him an awesome view of the net, Paul didn’t even come close to the goal, making Mark suspicious.

When Craig and Nicole went, Craig kicked one ball in each direction and missed the net both times.

The third game was a tea party. The “young at heart” player had to fill four teacups to the line, without spilling any of the tea in order to earn ten thousand dollars; twenty-five hundred per teacup in under a minute.

Paul was a sure-fire winner for this game as he had a young daughter and played tea party with her all the time, but without the tea! He managed to get three cups full, but only two without spilling. They added twenty-five hundred dollars to the pot.

Craig wasn’t looking forward to the tea pot game and he joked that Nicole would never have a career in the movie making business as she wasn’t very good at handling the camera. When the time ended they had three cups full and only one without spills so they added twenty-five hundred dollars to the pot.

In the final game, the “young at heart” player stood on a plank, two storys high and couldn’t see anything until the camera was turned on. When Paul realized that he was up that high, he couldn’t believe it. He had to walk the plank and pick up a piece of chalk in the middle at which point the timer would start to count down one minute. In that time he had to cross to the other side of the plank and copy exactly, “The Mole Was Here” on a chalkboard.

Paul was anxious as he moved across the plank and Mark kept the camera steady for him to make it. He moved across and copied the sentence, but almost missed the first word as Mark didn’t have the camera angle correct.

Next up was Craig on the plank! With his vertigo, he was woozywhen the camera showed exactly where he was. Jon told him that he didn’t have to do the mission if he didn’t want to, but he wanted to try. Nicole moved the camera a lot and at one point Craig thought that he was next to the chalk, but was really four feet away from it. He devised a plan to step over the chalk and grab it from the other side, but the only problem was that when he got there, he could no longer see it as Nicole was unable to get the right angle for it.

Craig finally grabbed the chalk, but he was so dazed that he ran out of time before he could make it off of the plank. They had lost ten thousand dollars for the pot!

In the end, Paul and Mark added 18,000 dollars to the pot and Nicole and Craig added forty-five hundred dollars to the pot. A total of 22,500 dollars was put in which was less than half of the possible 64,000 dollars that they could have made. The grand total was now 355,500 dollars.

After the first mission, the players went out to dinner to relax and unwind. Paul made a comment on how funny it was to see Craig on the plank trying to pick up the piece of chalk that wasn’t there. Everyone laughed at that and then Mark and Craig excused themselves to go to the bathroom. While they were away, Nicole talked to Paul about Craig’s behaviour during the games and that she thought it was Molish. Paul told her that the mission was much more difficult than she thought in order to throw her off his trail.

Back at the hotel, Craig and Mark talked about he game and Mark thought for sure that there would be an exemption for someone in the game that evening. They knew that it would be the most important exemption in the game.

The next mission was called “Cell Out”. There were four cells individually numbered and each player was to choose one. Once inside, the steel door would close and lock shut. Inside the cell there would be a puzzle known as a doublet.

The objective of the game would be to change one letter in the word CELL to create a new word and then change one letter in that word to make a second word and then one letter again in that word to create a third word. After you change one letter in the third word, you would solve the puzzle if you came up with the word MOLE. There were many different combinations to solve the puzzle, making it even harder.

Once the puzzle was solved, the steel door would open and they would be set free. In the next room was a paint ball course. The first player to solve the puzzle and break free would become a sniper and have a chance at exemption. The other three players had to make it through the course without getting shot. If they did, they would each add 15,000 dollars to the pot.

The fun part was that one of the three players running the course would carry an exemption in their outfit. If the sniper hit that person, then he or she earns the exemption, but if the sniper does not hit them then no one gets it!

The players head into their cells and try to solve the puzzles. Mark completes it first in just fifty-four seconds. His explanation was that he does them all the time. He is happy as he knew that he would be hit by the sniper right away if he didn’t solve it.

Nicole and Craig figure out their puzzles next and decide to wait for Paul to get his advice on how to play the game and keep Mark from hitting them. They wait what seems like forever, and even joke that he might be either writing graffiti or escaping out the window.

Paul finally makes it out and they come up with a plan to divert Mark’s attention and then run for it through the course. Mark shoots a lot of paintballs but misses every time. He manages to hit Paul, but the ball doesn’t explode. This makes Mark angry and he focuses more on winning. He first hits Nicole and as he cheers Paul makes a run for the room and gets away. Craig is hit in the shoulder when he tries to do the same thing.

As the four stand in the room, Nicole is asked to take out her card and she doesn’t have the exemption. Paul is getting agitated as he was hoping that he had it in his pocket. Unfortunately Craig had the exemption and as he was hit by Mark, Mark now had it. Paul at least earned 15,000 to the pot for being shifty and quick. The total in the pot now is 368,500 dollars.

At dinner that evening, they toasted each other for being in the final four and Paul and Nicole agreed that they had played a very similar game. Mark did not apologize for having the exemption, but he knew that he would be feeling the same way as the other three if any one of them had it. He felt great! Craig thought that there was two forces of good and two forces of evil still in the game referring to the players!

At the execution, Jon called upon Paul and asked him if he was ready for the results. Both Paul and Nicole were extremely nervous and,Paul was executed!

Paul had a feeling that he was going home and he said that every aspect of the game was a good experience. He realized how much his family means to him and no matter what, he is still a rich man!

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