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America’s Got Talent Ends The Auditions With MySpace

July 29, 2008 07:29 PM by DA Southern

The Judges, Piers, Sharon and David

America’s Got Talent winds down the audition phase as we see the odds and ends that the producers thought we might enjoy in this final week during the internet week. One thing for sure, there will probably be more freaky acts this week than most mixed in with the good stuff, but we will see.

Jerry Springer announced that the final auditions would be coming from MySpace.com where the social networking community submitted their auditions and were asked to audition for the judges from the best of the group. Jerry announced that the auditions were the same as any other auditions and that the judges were ready. The first MySpace contestant profiled was a magician named Michael Trixx who did a Rock ‘n Roll magic act that the audience immediately hated as did Piers and The Hoff. The judges were unkind and sent Michael off into Magic heaven.

Jerry Springer and a contestant
Next was Diva Boy and a bunch of freaky dancers who looked ready for Vegas, if nothing else but with their costumes, but the judges and the audience summarily booed them from the stage as MySpace was looking like the talent pool should do nothing but stay on the internet.

One of the strangest acts, not that the act was strange, to appear on the AGT stage was Eloy Rendon who thought that he could use his talent as a motivational speaker to get to Vegas. Piers immediately buzzed him off and it got no better when the reigning “Cluck-off” champion, well,Clucked-off as he was buzzed off the stage. Times, well they were getting desperate as several more bizarre acts were sent packing. An Ozzie impersonator, Randy Hanson, actually did a decent job and even had Sharon laughing at him. Sharon said that he was good at impersonating her husband and Randy was off to Vegas.

AGT Singing Hopefulls

A forty-four year old mother, Holly Stone, who had given up a daughter when she was young and then found her on MySpace, decided that she wanted to sing again and decided to give AGT a try to see if she could make her daughter proud. Holly Stone gave a beautiful rendition of a country song and won the audience over as well the judges and got her self a ticket to Vegas in the process.

A cool group of percussionist calling themselves The Cadence rocked out the audience and Piers, who is always a hard-sell, did like them and the judges, except for Sharon, sent them to Vegas with hopes of winning it all. We then saw a bunch of acts that seemed to curry favor from the judges, although we did not see much of most of the acts, and were sent to Vegas, including a group calling themselves the “Tapping Dads.”

AGT juggling act

A mother-daughter team were next to fail to impress the judges. Hey, you have to feel for any seasoned citizen who gets out there and at least tries on AGT. The Sweetones gave us a whistling duet that was not as sweet as they had hoped for the ears of the judges. The Hoff was dying laughing as the whistling was causing general overall uneasiness in the audience, but the judges did let them finish. Piers let the woman have it with his general disapproval of the act and we saw the ladies whistle into the sunset,just not heading towards Vegas.

As the sun set on the MySpace auditions, we don’t get the feeling that a lot of great talent was put through to Vegas as we watch with interest to the final audition of the evening. A military man who used his talent as a singer to bring comfort to his fellow military compatriots while in Iraq as a singer hoped to impress, as well, on the AGT stage. Spc. Daniel Jens of the US Army, sang a beautiful song that had the audience off of their feet and Sharon looking like she was going to cry. Piers said he had a bit of work to do on the music but all three judges sent him to Vegas as a fantastic representative of the US Army ending the MySpace auditions on a high note.

As some of the best auditions from the past seven weeks, as well a few of the comical ones flashed across the screen, the judges were seen extolling about the talent as we will learn all about the Top 40 next week on Top 40 week as Vegas finally is upon us.

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