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BB10: Keesha Keeps Nominations The Same

July 29, 2008 08:19 PM by Ryan Haidet

Jessie trying to convince Keesha he should be safe

What an interesting night in the Big Brother 10 house. Jessie on the flip side of things showed his desperation and Memphis showed his anger. That was all mixed in with a hilarious Power Of Veto competition and a banner flying high over the house.

After the nomination ceremony on Day 17, Angie said she wasn’t surprised she was put on the chopping block. She saw it coming a mile away. As for Jessie, he felt being nominated was incredibly disrespectful of Keesha to do. Memphis, who has stayed low on the radar — until tonight — said in a confessional that Keesha’s nominations weren’t smart because she created two new enemies who weren’t ever going after her.

Discussions all over the house

Upstairs in the Head Of Household bedroom, April, Ollie, Libra, Renny and Keesha all were fine with sending Angie home this week. They felt it was her time to go.

Then outside, Jerry and Dan had a talk about Memphis. Jerry said that Memphis is a womanizer and has a big ego.

Ah, then the panic began. Jessie went to Michelle and told her that he was going to fight his hardest to win the POV, but that might mean she would be put in his spot after he took himself off the chopping block.

Jessie makes his move

Having the HOH power last week, the young bodybuilder backed into a corner, went up to Keesha and begged for his protection from eviction. He told her he felt no hard feelings for being nominated (yeah, right). He wanted her to know that Libra is the person pulling all of the strings in the house. He claimed that she was the reason he put Steven up for eviction last week — because Libra wanted him to. That’s when Libra and April came up to the HOH bedroom to see what was going on. Jessie answered the door and asked them to wait a few more minutes. The two went out and sat on the couch. He turned back to Keesha and went on his desperate plea yet again saying that Libra’s word means nothing.

Jessie making his plea for safety

Jessie left the room and went straight to Michelle making it known he felt he had done enough convincing to get himself pulled off the block.

A flower-filled Veto competition

Having picked the three other players to join the Veto competition (Libra, Ollie and Memphis), the six contestants competing for the medallion went outside dressed like flowers. Yes, with tight, green leotards and a flower headpiece. Hilarious. The task was simple. All of them had to lay in a “flower bed” while water dripped on their head. The person who would get up out of the bed and quit closest to the 1 hour mark without going over would win the POV. Each took their spot and the frustration with the challenge set in fast. Libra and Memphis both considered counting their strategies. Angie said that the water dripping on their heads felt like brain freeze when you eat something cold way too fast.

Not long into the contest, worms were poured all over them, which scared Ollie. He said that anything that doesn’t have legs and moves is cursed. But he wasn’t the only one bugged by the creepy crawlers, Keesha was the first to bow out of the competition just after the 21-minute mark.

A few minutes later, the remaining houseguests were treated with compost — literally. Buckets of the nasty smelling stuff was dumped all over them. Michelle started gagging from the smell — and she wasn’t even one of the people covered in the stuff. Ollie described the compost as smelling like month-old baked beans.

Libra jumped out next thinking she was right around 55 minutes. Then Jessie bailed. Not long after, Angie, Ollie and Memphis quit back to back.

After tallying the times, it was revealed that Keesha, who was the first out of the competition, had won the POV. Everybody else had stayed in it at least 15 minutes too long.

The desperation continues

Jessie came up with a plan while in the shower to send Angie upstairs to ask Keesha to use the Veto on him. She did just that and told Keesha she didn’t know how much longer she could take Libra.

Angie lounging outside

But Keesha was having an issue because she had given her word to Libra — even though she was starting to regret it. She didn’t want to go back on something she had promised.

Jessie made his return and asked her to use the POV on him and put Libra in his spot. He continued his anti-Libra pitch saying that she’s able to walk free for wrongdoings while he is the one in “jail” for her. Then he said he has been losing weight since being nominated — six pounds in two days to be exact.

After he stormed into her HOH room again, this time with Renny, Dan and April present, Jessie tried to pound into Keesha the fact that Libra was a liar.

Keesha keeps her word and a banner causes trouble

Having got to the point where she was tired of Jessie’s pleas, Keesha went around the house and made it known that she was going to keep her word to Libra.

He may look happy here, but he was upset with Jerry tonight.

Back outside, a plane flew over the house with a banner trailing behind it. Instantly, Big Brother put the house on lockdown forcing those who could see it into the house. Nobody really got a good look at it, but they thought they would just lie about what it said to the rest of the group. Michelle went running upstairs to the HOH bedroom where everybody else was to tell them that the banner said, “Libra is a liar, love Steven.” Michelle left the room and Memphis confirmed that he got the closest look at it. Although he couldn’t make it all out, he said it did say something about Libra being a liar. That’s when Memphis started talking strategy saying he would never tell somebody he wants them to be evicted unless he really means it — which Jerry said he experienced himself. Jerry told Memphis he had been very disrespectful to him recently. Memphis said it didn’t matter because Jerry had called him a womanizer. When Jerry said, “That’s because you are,” Memphis exploded. “If you ever go after me as a person ever again like that — watch it. That’s all I got to say to you.” He totally lost his cool and freaked out on the oldest man in the house.

Veto ceremony

After loads of drama and pleas, Angie and Jessie were both kept on the block after Keesha said she didn’t want to use it — she was keeping her word. “It was hard enough to put two people up and I don’t think I could put a third person up at this time.”

America’s player returning

As with Eric a few seasons back, America’s player will be returning. This time there’s a new twist. Viewers are voting for the person they want to have the power. That player with the most votes, to be revealed on Thursday night’s show, will be offered $20,000 to do the dirty work for just one week. You can read more about that here.

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