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BB10 Spoiler: A Change of Heart?

July 29, 2008 08:14 PM by Britteny Elrick

Things are gettin’sticky in the Big Brotherhouse, sosticky that Angie just mightbe stuckin the house for another week,

Jesse has been increasingly annoying this week. He mentions going outside in his trunks and asking ifthe HG’shave ever seen anyone look as good as him. He also thinks that if he is sent home BB will bring him back for an All Stars game because of his awesome game play.

Ollie, April, and Libra want Jesse out now. They are upset he keeps fighting with Jerry and they know if that alliance wins HOH they will vote out Jerry. They’re going to try to convince Keesha of the plan. However, Dan and Ollie say that they promised Jesse they wouldn’t vote him out and they won’t go back on their word.

Memphis tells Keesha that Dan is upset that people are asking him to vote Jesse out against his word. Memphis tells her that it would be stupid to vote him out since no one would keep him if it got down to the final two. She agrees.

Angie talks to Keesha and asks why she nominated her. Keesha thinks it was because Angie was in the HOH room when the decision to nominated Steven was made. Angie denies it, and Keesha is glad she told her. Keesha still feels that if she doesn’t evict Angie that she will go all the way. Angie tells Jesse to play it cool because she actually wants to go home this week.

Libra is still sulking over the fact that no one likes her, [aren't you used to that yet?]

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