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I Survived A Japanese Game Show Crossdressing Edition!

July 29, 2008 09:06 PM by Lisa Stauber

I Survived A Japanese Game show airs tonight, and there are only 5 contestants left. Last week, Meaghan proved she is a master manipulator, and the boys betrayed Donnell. Can Meaghan stay out of the elimination round again? It’s cross dressing week, so the girls might have a chance!

Donnell is bitter. He’s no longer speaking to the other guys, feeling like they broke the silent alliance. Andrew and Justin don’t know why he’s so mad. “What we just saw was an adult temper tantrum,” Andrew says.

The Main Game
The Yellow Penguins are sure they’ll win again. They’ll be playing “You Stand Still, No, You Stand Still”. The players have to spin in a chair, get some keys and open a lock while spinning, and then spin some more. The teams are uneven, and Yellow Penguin Bilenda will sit out again.

The contestants have to dress up as bride and groom, with the men wearing the white dress. The Yellow Penguins will go first, but host Rome Kanda has a little MC Hammer moment and starts dancing. The Penguins finish in 1:09.

Donnell and Meaghan have been discussing strategy backstage, and the Green Monkeys are confident that they will win. Meaghan is dizzy, but manages to find the lock. Donnell unlocks it, but then takes off without the keys, which he needs to win. That last slip up cost them precious seconds, but they win with a time of 1:04.

Reward and Punishment
The Green Monkeys will be going to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, complete with a personal chef. The Yellow Penguins have to sleep in the Capsule Hotel, which is a fate worse than death.

Meaghan is impressed with the hotel, and puts the highly trained personal chef to work making pizza. “This is my first time serving pizza here,” he says. The suite is huge, and has a private swimming pool inside the room.

The Yellow Penguins get a tiny cup full of warm beer with cold rice. The pajamas are too small, the televisions don’t work, and Justin has a hard time creaming his 6’2″ frame into the tiny space.

The Elimination Round
The Yellow Penguins must choose two people to compete in the elimination round. If they can’t pick, the Monkeys get to decide. Andrew volunteers himself, and he’ll be competing against Bilenda.

“Clothes On, Clothes Off” is the name of the game. The players must change into a series of three costumes, and the first one done wins. Andrew thinks that Bilenda has an unfair advantage, since she is a woman.

The reigning Clothes On, Clothes Off champion shows up, and if they beat him they’ll get a special prize.

The first costume is Construction worker, and the champion actually has a twin backstage who is helping him cheat. Andrew is the slowest, because he can’t get his belt on. The Round Two costume is Red Devil with Horns. Meanwhile the Cheating Champions are playing cards backstage. Andrew finishes last, again.

A pink dress and blond wig is the final costume, but first the twins reveal their secret. Andrew lags Bilenda by 13 seconds, and he’s determined to beat her. Andrew finishes first, but he forgets to button himself up and Bilenda beats him.

Andrew’s being shipped back to America, and now there are two girls and two guys left. The final four will compete in the season finale next week, in a two hour special featuring three elimination games.

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Photos courtesy ABC/Craig Sjodin.

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