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BB10: Angie Gets The Boot

July 31, 2008 07:48 PM by Ryan Haidet

Angie evicted

Day 24 arrived in the Big Brother house with the playerss ready to make their third eviction from the game. Nominees Angie and Jessie were sitting on the couch ready to go, but first viewers were shown another Jerry fight, an earthquake and more.

Even after Keesha didn’t use the Power of Veto on him, Jessie felt safe. Michelle was having a tough time with this week because she said she’s very close to both of the nominees. She started crying and told Angie that she wished it could be different. Then Angie told Michelle not to worry about voting to keep her if the rest of the house was going against her anyway.

Some time later, Angie and Jerry were chatting strategy outside. Jerry said that this week was not his choice and that things change from week to week. Jerry pretty much said her game isn’t over until she walks out the door. He also said that Jessie, Michelle and Memphis (among a few unnamed others) were too cocky last week. This is when more Jerry drama began because some of those “cocky” people heard his comments.

Up in Keesha’s Head Of Household bedroom, Jessie said he felt like he was going to be the one leaving. That’s when Memphis buzzed in and told Keesha he heard Jerry tell Angie that she may not be the one sent packing this week.

Jerry fights with Michelle

Then Angie told Michelle what was said. Not long after, down in the kitchen, a screaming match took place over another “he said, she said” issue, this time between Michelle and Jerry. As I was watching it, I kept thinking, “Why are they even fighting?” Jerry felt attacked by four people and let his temper flare yet again as Michelle didn’t stand down and got right in his face.

Earthquake strikes!

Michelle, Memphis and Jessie were outside when all of a sudden, the earth started moving. An earthquake had struck! They got up and ran away from the house and stood in the center of the backyard. Then Memphis ran over to the door and yelled into the house suggesting that everybody else come outside. Everybody gathered and talked about how “freaky” it was. When Jerry came outside, though, he didn’t know what had happened. He actually thought somebody hit or crashed into the house.

Houseguests react to earthquake

Jessie irritates the house

Sitting outside, Jessie waved to Libra who was in the kitchen and mouthed the words “bye bye” to her. She saw it and told everybody else what had happened. Jessie was trying to tell Libra that she was going to be evicted from the house soon. That’s when the others started turning on their original thoughts — the plan was to take Angie out, but Jessie’s disrespect was rubbing everybody the wrong way. “He’s going down,” Renny said.

In another issue, when Jerry walked by, Jessie called him “Father Time.” His attitude was wearing thin on most of the houseguests who realized Jessie was acting that way because he was so sure he was safe from eviction.

Live Q&A

Host Julie Chen revealed before going live with questions inside the house, that the airplane carrying a banner had nothing to do with Big Brother — even though four people claimed to be able to read it (noting that it said “Libra is a liar…”). When asked about it, Michelle said she was excited to see the banner and kept to her story that it had said some things about other houseguests.

Next up was the dispute between Memphis and Jerry. The two had an argument after Jerry called Memphis a womanizer. Memphis explained that he lost his cool because he’d rather be punched in the face than have somebody attack his character. Jerry said he apologized for his remarks.

Tally the votes

Right before the vocal ballots were cast in the Diary Room, Angie made a great final plea. She told the house that only one person can win this game — not an alliance. She told them all to look at who is the biggest roadblock in the way of them getting to the end of the game. She said that if it was her, then they should send her home. It was a very good closing argument. Jessie’s speech was far less eloquent only remarking on how he stands up for himself when he feels disrespected.

All eight votes were made and even though she made a great argument, Angie was unanimously voted out of the house.

When Chen revealed the votes, Angie had a smirk on her face almost like she expected it. She handled it very well, said her goodbyes and walked out of the house to the cheers of the studio audience. Michelle, back inside the house, was crying.

During her exit interview, Angie fought back tears. After listening to her goodbye messages, Chen asked Angie about wearing Brian’s knit cap every day. Was there budding romance? Angie said it was really nothing.

America’s player

Since Tuesday night, votes flooded in from viewers as they got to choose who would be America’s player for a week. They chose Dan. In the Diary Room, Dan read a letter about the offer — $20,000 if he accepted the task for the week where he would have to do America’s wishes (including targeting players for eviction).

Dan picked as America\'s Player

Dan said that the money would help him out and that he was willing to accept the offer if that’s what America wanted him to do.

Head Of Household

Big Brother delivered yet another wonderful endurance challenge. For the HOH bedroom key and power for the next week, the contestants stood on an elevated platform that looked like a building ledge. The last person standing would win. But it wouldn’t be that simple. The “building” started leaning forward and shaking, just like the earthquake they had recently experienced. Then giant fans were turned on creating a nice, gusty breeze blowing all sorts of debris onto them.

Who will be the new HOH and how will Dan handle the task of being America’s (temporary) player? Find out on Sunday night’s episode at 8PM.

First photo courtesy of CBS.

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