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BB10 Spoiler: HOH Competition Is Over!

July 31, 2008 09:13 PM by Britteny Elrick

Tonight’s HOH competition was critical, especially for Jesse’s alliance. As the houseguests fell one by one, the fate of the Big Brother house was left in the hands of the ladies…

After hours of the houseguests hanging from the ledge of the [sometimes shaking] building and having intervals ofwind, rain, and sawdust coming at them, it was down to Renny, Michelle, and April.The guys dropped off ratherearly in the game due to upper body weight. Renny hung on for quite awhile, but finally jumped off.

April and Michelle were going strong for a little over and hour.Throughout the night, Dan would give the girls “pep talks”as if they were part of his high school football team. It was probably the highlight of theevening.

The other people kept saying, “just mind over matter girls” [yea, I don't see you up there anymore]. Eventually, Michelle started crying because she missed her family and wanted pictures so badly. She made April promise she wouldn’t put up her or Jesse, even with the POV. April swore she wouldn’t.

Michelle kept asking how much time she had in her and April said “alot, I’m not going anywhere.” April kept apologizing that she wasn’t tired. Michelle asked April if they were in this position next week, if she would let her win HOH and April said she would, but she had to swear on her parents life she wouldn’t nominate her. Then Michelle struggled a little more, and cried a little more.

Finally, Michelle asked April one last time if she promised not to nominate her and she said, “I swear.” Then she fell off. She immediately started balling and April came to console her.

April said she respected her so much and that she promised she would not put her up. Jesse and Jerry helped to carry Michelle off the mat and brought her some water. Jesse told her he had alot of respect for her and asked if she wanted any Gatorade. Her hands look blue and she keeps crying saying that it hurts so bad. Jesse keeps consoling and hugging her.

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