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Last Comic Standing Voting Revealed!

July 31, 2008 08:58 PM by Lisa Stauber

Last Comic Standing will be awarding five spots to the final showdown tonight. America voted last week, and the final five will be revealed. The winner of the finals will win $250,000 and the title of Last Comic Standing. “No one comes here to lose,” Iliza says, but all of the comics are determined to win.

The show gets underway with a musical act, and then Ron G. takes the stage. Each comic takes the stage to tell why they will be the Last Comic Standing. The singers return, and they are a bizarre combination of two accountants and a mechanic. The crowd seems to love them, though.

Marcus Last Comic Standing 6

The Showdown
All 8 comedians will take the stage, but only five will progress. America can then vote on the five remaining to choose the winner.

Each set begins with a meaningful montage of childhood memories from the contestant. Marcus takes the stage, and jokes about the old standbys of airports and rock music. He throws his impersonations in, though, and it’s hilarious. He’s guaranteed a spot in Vegas, because he won last week’s challenge.

Ron G. takes the stage next. He grew up in Columbia, SC and still stays close to his mother. He jokes about prayer requests and going to church. Unfortunately, he’s been eliminated from the competition.

Last Comic Driving
Correspondent Fearne Cotton subjects us to another episode of Last Comic Driving, and tonight it’s an overview of the 10 comics. Vote for a chance to win a Honda pilot, and next week we’ll find out who will be the Last Comic Driving.

Jim Tavare

Showdown, part 2
Jim Tavare started out as a bass player (no surprise there), and we get to see his wife and kid. He brings his bass out for his set, and he’s talking about airports and banking. Fearne lets him know that he’s going to be a finalist! That means there are three spots left.

Bill Bellamy himself takes the stage, and shows us how the pros do it.

We also get to see a promo for a new reality series from the producers of Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, and Ice Road Truckers. This fall, America’s Toughest Job will feature thirteen competitors will compete at performing dirty and deadly jobs.

Showdown, part 3
Louis Ramey is up, and he’s been a comic for twenty years. His set relies on Amish jokes and Louisiana mocking. He does a funny bit on Rednecks winning the war on terror, and Bill reveals that he’s taking a final slot.

Adam Hunter compares his wrestling hobby with stand up comedy. His set is scattered, but he gets a few good ones in. Fearne lets him know that he did not make it into the final set, and there are three comics with two spots left.

Jeff Dye tells us how he bombed at the beginning, but fell in love with stand up and kept trying. His set makes fun of the old game Guess Who?, which must be a theme tonight – Marcus mentioned the game Clue. He’s in the finals! One spot left!

Sean Cullen reminisces about Canada and shows us his baby. His tells us how he would take down Bruce Lee, and segues into James Bond jokes. We won’t find out who gets the final slot until after Iliza performs.

Iliza goes last, and she tells us about her roots in comedy. Her dad is funny too, and they bond over jokes. She makes fun of drinking games, and then moves on to joking about work.

Iliza and Sean take the stage together to find out who will be going onto the finals, and it’s Iliza!

Next week will be the final competition, and we’ll see who is the Last Comic Standing.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Last Comic Standing news and information. What’s your favorite line of the night? Tell us on our message boards, or find out more about your faves with our cast bios! For more on Last Comic Standing, check out SirLinksALot:Last Comic Standing.

Photos courtesy NBC.

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