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So You Think You Can Dance Picks The Finale Dancers

July 31, 2008 07:23 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance narrows it down to the final four for the finale and as Nigel said last night, really anyone of them could be in the finale and they all deserve to be there. Cat Deeley in a beautiful shimmering blue dress sadly announces that the last two before the finale are leaving as she said that America has chosen. Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance.

The opening number with the Top 6 all in white and set to Bette Midler’s, The Rose, was dynamic as always and it is indeed easy to see how this has been one of the best season to date on SYTYCD. After the number, Cat greeted the audience and once again introduced the judges from last night, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman. Cat talked about the plea to go to declareyourself.com and Adam Shankman told of a new part of the winner’s prize would be a feature dance role in a Movie that he is directing. Nice! Again, this is a show with a heart.

Nigel gave a quick speech to the dancers about the rejection factor as a dancer. The speech was heartfelt and certainly again shows the heart of this show. Mary added her praise as well as she started to cry and Adam gave them advice to take the great experiences into their life and be gracious to their fans as they all have them now. The Top 6 then danced solos for the last time.


After a cool little kid did a break dance routine and we all witnessed a future finalist on the SYTYCD stage, Cat picked up the 6 year-old in her arms and chatted him up a bit before the first of the two going home was announced. Cat started with the girls, specifically Courtney’s performances first as she danced with Mark. Katee was the next to be profiles as she danced with Joshua once again and finished with Chelsie as she danced with Twitch. Cat announced Katee to be in the finale, leaving Chelsie and Courtney hanging as a commercial interrupted their anticipation.

After the commercial, Cat left the girls hanging and got to the guys to find out who was safe of the three. Mark was profiled first, followed by Joshua and then Twitch. Cat announced Joshua safe and headed to the finale next week.


A quick number to fill time by Lady Ga-Ga was streamed before us as the anticipation had to be stretched out a bit to,OK, I am having trouble forming a thought after the Ga-Ga number as it was a little out there for me. Hey, you kids get off my lawn.


Cat announced between the girls that Courtney was off to the finale sending Chelsie home disappointed to have fallen short. Admittedly it was a tough call between the two left, but we will be sad to see Chelsie’s legs go home. With the two guys finally on stage, Cat announced that Twitch was going to go to the finale and Mark was done as he could not dodge the bullet the final time. Mark was probably the most improved in the competition and he will have an incredible future ahead of him, so he has nothing to be ashamed of.

Next Wednesday we will see the final four leave it all on stage and on Thursday we will pick the winner of SYTYCD for the final show of the season.

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