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BB10 Spoiler: America’s Player Gets His First Assignment!

August 01, 2008 09:03 PM by Britteny Elrick

Have the houseguests alreadycaught on to America’s Player? Plus, find out who Dan is supposed to target this weekin theBig Brother house…

On Thursday, unbeknownst to the houseguests, Dan was chosen as America’s Player. America has officially voted on who Dan should try to nominate this week: Jesse. However, Libra, Michelle, and Jerry keep joking about how Dan is in the DR so long because he is America’s Player! So maybe it isn’t such a secret after all…

April enjoys her HOHroom full of pictures and letters from her family. April is upset that Keesha has been talking to Memphis so much and she thinks she might put the two of them up. Renny tells Keesha what April said and Keesha starts freaking out. Keesha says she wishes she would have put April up when she had the chance.

It’s Keesha’s birthday!! April and Ollie decide to celebrate by themselves in the HOH room.

Meanwhile, everyone discusses Julie Chen’s question to Jerry on eviction night. Jerry acted like he didn’t have a clue what she was referring to in regards to his “words” with Michelle. None of them want to be in sequester with him. Michelle and Jesse think they are set and that Jerry is going up on the block. Unfortunately, they believed April when she gave her word.

April decides to nominate Jesse against Memphis – that way Jesse can’t win POV and take Memphis off. She wants Memphis out. Memphis seems to know he is going up on the block, and says he will win POV just to prove a point.

Keesha and April make fun of Memphis because he believes the earthquake was REAL! [what?] Memphis says he will bet everyone five hundred dollars that it was real, and if he hears one more effing idiot saying the earthquake was fake he is going to lose his mind.

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